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Searchin' Searchin'

Posted by Dorothy on 1/28/05 at 15:20 (168104)

Rachel and anyone else ~

After responding to your post, I did a cursory search to see if I could find any additonal sources for the book referred to and was surprised to learn that it is apparently hard to find. Since its latest copyright was 2002, I think, I figured it would still be readily available. I looked at Amazon, e-bay, halfbay.com, and other places. I did find a number of copies available through Barnes & Noble, through their used booksellers.(A good service, I can recommend). That's the only place I found. Julie gave a source earlier today as well. I haven't checked at Powell Books yet, one of my favorites actually so you might want to check there if you are searching...

While looking for this book, I came upon an interesting website, new to me, that I thought others here might be interested in as well. They didn't have the book, but they carried some unusual, maybe hard to find, books, etc. Here is the weblink: http://www.transitionsbookplace.com

Sorry if it seems I began a wild goose chase; I didn't mean to.

Re: Searchin' Searchin'

Julie on 1/28/05 at 16:23 (168109)

Dorothy, did you miss my post in which I gave a link to the section of abe.books.com which lists a number of copies of No More Bad Backs, at prices from $5. Here it is again.


I ordered one this afternoon and look forward to reading and using it. I don't want no more Bad Backs. :)

Re: Searchin' Searchin'

Dorothy on 1/28/05 at 23:53 (168116)

Julie - No, I didn't miss it (I referred to it in a couple of posts on this subject), but I didn't check it because I wasn't looking for the book myself. After posting to Rachel, on a whim I decided to check at some of the more common online booksellers (Amazon, etc.)to see if it was easily located and was surprised to see that the book was not readily available. I thought your posting a source for people was great and I hope that anyone interested saw it; I was just extending the search out of curiosity. I'm glad you found it and hope you like it.

I mentioned that other website that I stumbled upon while doing that 'on a whim' look around and did a search for your books. It looked like it would be a good website to have your books listed. In particular I think The Healing Power of Yoga should be more widely available! It's really good, Julie. I hope you are feeling better each day and am very happy that your outcome was as it was. It's still happy news.