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Rear heel pain

Posted by Franny on 1/28/05 at 21:27 (168114)

I have developed pain in my left heel right at the very back. I have not changed my exercise and am not on my feet all that much. I am diabetic but I don't know if it is related (this is not 'tingling' but real pain). Any suggestions? Should I buy a cushion for it? Do anything else? I would appreciate ideas.

Re: Rear heel pain

Kathy G on 1/29/05 at 08:48 (168122)

I'm not a doctor but since you have Diabetes, I wouldn't fool around. I'd go right to my doctor and get his opinion. I don't think it would be smart to let it go without a medical evaluation.

Good luck!

Re: Rear heel pain

John H on 2/01/05 at 12:00 (168242)

If you have diabetes and any foot pain do just as Kathy says head to the Doctor promptly. There are some Podiatrist that specialize only in foot problems with people who have diabetes. I would tend to see a specialist in diabetes and or a foot and ankle specialist and not wait long.