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z-coil shoes

Posted by Seska on 1/31/05 at 07:49 (168188)

I have been wearing z-coil shoes. They seem to help, but my knees have been hurting. Could it be the shoes? What shoes do you suggest? Thanks.

Re: z-coil shoes

Tim M. on 2/05/05 at 17:13 (168578)

I've been wearing Z-Coils for about a year and a half now. When I first started wearing them, I noticed some soreness in my calves and thighs, but since it has gone away I'm attributing that to (1) my lack of fitness due to my inactivity as a result of the severe PF and ankle injury, and (2) the fact that you simply WALK differently when wearing Z-Coils.

How long have you been wearing your Z-Coils?


Re: z-coil shoes

Jill H. on 2/08/05 at 08:47 (168739)

Do you like your z-coils? I have had PF for 11 months - bought a pair of z-coils when me foot was still really bad even to walk a block. I didn't wear them much at that time, but am thinking about trying them again. I have made progress that I can walk around the block and am a little scared to try something else. Just wanted to get your feel for them. Thanks

Re: z-coil shoes

Tim M. on 2/09/05 at 16:28 (168819)


It's ALWAYS good to go slow whenever you're trying something new.

I've had PF for almost 25 years. I used to wear these hard orthotics made out of an orange plastic. They were great, until I broke one of them (it snapped right in half) on a backpacking trip with the Scouts. I had to hike out of a desert canyon with it taped together with adhesive tape. I was in agony.

Then, as I was getting used to my new orthotics, and I was favoring my bad foot, I rolled my ankle moving a piece of computer equipment at a client's office. MORE pain in the same foot!

My wife had cut an article out of the newspaper, almost a year before, about Z-Coils. She pulled the article out and scolded me for not looking into them. I bought a pair of the black, Freedom 2000 athletic-type Z-Coils and within a few weeks of wearing them (with an ankle brace for the bad ankle) my pain was virtually gone. I added a pair of the Desert Hiker Z-Coil boots and could stop wearing the ankle brace after a couple of months. I was going to get back to backbacking this last fall, but a different set of personal problems has kept me sidelined. This spring I hope to get back to hiking, much to the joy of my wife.

Here are a few tips. There are supposedly 31 different adjustments to the springs, so if they don't feel just right get back to the store where you bought them (they can adjust for heavy over-pronation, different length legs, etc., etc.). They can replace the coils with lighter or heavier springs, depending upon your weight and walking style. When I first started wearing them, I missed the feel of the support of the orthotic in my arch, so I bought some over-the-counter insoles called the Miracle 2oz (I think they're from ProFoot) and they felt just fine, I don't wear them anymore.

Again, go SLOW and hopefully the Z-Coils will work well for you. Good luck.

Re: z-coil shoes

Jill H. on 2/09/05 at 22:01 (168828)

Thanks, I will give them a try...slowly!

Re: z-coil shoes

sue s on 2/23/05 at 14:45 (169715)

i bought jan 2004 i wore this shoes out the store. went to the mall and walked one hour. i was is so much pain i returned to the store they told me to continue walking i did but the pain increased in june i went to the foot doctor i was diagonate with a foot facture and i still have pain and being treated

Re: z-coil shoes

Tim M. on 3/14/05 at 11:51 (171179)

sue s:

Ouch! Yes, even the best shoe cannot cure everything, especially if you have an additional foot problem (as I did with a sprained ankle and it sounds like you did with a foot fracture).

I'm a little surprised that the people at the Z-Coil store did not ask you if you had visited your doctor to determine the exact nature of your foot problem. My experience at the store I go to is that they are very leery of a self-diagnosis; they have always asked something like 'What does your doctor say.'