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Best Sandals For PF

Posted by karenc on 2/01/05 at 06:27 (168226)

I live in a foreign country in a house with all ceramic tile floors. It is a tropical country, no ac, so I wear sandals constantly. Does anyone have a sandal that they recommend that gives the needed support/flexibility for someone with PF?

Re: Best Sandals For PF

Julie on 2/01/05 at 08:07 (168228)

Karen, have you heard of Birkenstock sandals? They have an orthotic footbed with excellent arch support and although they don't suit all feet they have been extremely helpful to many of us here. They were a lifesaver for me, and although my PF is long gone I still always wear them around the house.

I would go for the classic 'Arizona' style sandal to start with. If you can find a local retailer in your country, the best thing is to get fitted properly by a knowledgeable salesperson. Most people make the mistake of buying a size too small at first: the footbed rim should be visible around the foot, and extend about half an inch in front of the toes.

You can buy them easily on line. I'm out of touch regarding websites, but if Suzanne sees this she will, I'm sure, give you the details of the German site where they can be obtained more cheaply than anywhere else.
Meanwhile you can see a picture of an Arizona sandal here:


Re: Best Sandals For PF

Suzanne D. on 2/01/05 at 16:48 (168259)

Karen, here is the address for the German site which I learned about here a few years ago. I have ordered several times from this site and have always been pleased. The last time I ordered, it took a little longer than I had expected, but my shipment did eventually arrive, and the shoes are worth the wait.


It can be daunting when first being introduced to Birkenstock shoes as there is such a variety of styles and types from which to choose. But Julie is right: the Arizona sandal is a basic and one which has helped many people. I agree that it would be a great place to start.

If you do order, you may not receive the information that Birkenstock shoes need to be 'broken in' gradually. Wear them for about 2 hours the first day and then increase the time by an hour each day until you can wear them all day. I cannot stress enough how important this is; many have found their feet to be extremely sore and painful after wearing them too long the first day or so. The cork footbed gradually molds to your feet, so it just takes a little time for this to occur.

Best of luck to you in finding sandals which work for you!
Suzanne :)

Re: Best Sandals For PF

Rose M. on 2/03/05 at 19:09 (168438)

I bought a pair of Merrill's sandals last spring, and they were a life saver for me! It's cold where I'm at now, so can't wear them in the winter. They were suggested to me by my sister in law. They are open with velcro, and have a strap that goes around the ankle. I'm sorry I don't have a name of some kind to tell you. Hope these messages from everyone helps!

Re: Best Sandals For PF

lynne t on 2/04/05 at 08:00 (168467)

I have flt feet and pf. I am a postwoman who is on her feet all day (so much for this condition being due to desk jobs) I live in Berkenstocks, clogs for work and mostly arizona sandels otherwise,they are the most comftable shoes I have ever worm if a little inelegent hope this helps lynne