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Foot Numbness

Posted by Barko on 2/01/05 at 17:59 (168267)

I have a question. I ruptured my Plantar Fascia about 3mos ago. Wore a boot for 6wks, PT, returned to work three wks ago. It went well for a few days then the pain gradully increased. a few days ago I almost couldnt put any weight on that foot. I saw the Dr. that is treating me for this and he injected my foot from the side near the heel, but a little more towards the toes. He also said I needed to stretch it more. I stretch it all the time but its still so tight. The pain has gradually lessened but now I'm numb in my foot near the heel sometimes all the way up to my toes. Also alot of tingling. My question, is this be something that I need to get with my Dr. right away or can it wait untill my next appt. in 4weeks? Thanks for your help. Your help in the past has been very usefull.


Re: Foot Numbness

Dr. Z on 2/01/05 at 18:11 (168271)

Hi Kathy

You need to call your doctor asap. Sounds like a local nerve entrapement or the start of tarsal tunnel syndrome. Stop with all stretching until you speak with your doctor.
You may need physical therapy

Re: Foot Numbness

Robert B. on 2/01/05 at 19:40 (168280)

OK, my experience.

Went to a Sport Medicine (specializing in foot injuries) Specialist for numbness in my heel, 2nd and 3rd toe and a shooting pain up my heel to my angle. She first injected corti-steriods (hurt like heck). Felt OK for 3 days and then couldn't walk on heel for 4 days, numbness still there.

Next appointment, night splint, after a week of wearing it, my foot was worst. She THEN ordered x-rays ONLY which revealed both a moderate heel and achilles spur. Prescription for physical theropy.

Changed Dr. (best move so far), he ordered an MRI and EMG. EMG revealed Baxter's nerve and nerve entrapment in angel area. MRI revealed spurs with stress factures.

Currently in 4th week of theropy, little change in numbness and pain. What I am being told is next step is casting for 6 weeks to put the nerves at rest. If that doesn't correct the problem, nuro-surgeon to release nerves.

Does it ever end??????????????

Re: Foot Numbness

Julie on 2/02/05 at 01:09 (168298)

Tingling indicates nerve involvement. Stop stretching, and see your doctor quickly.