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Rx- Neurontin ( Gabapentin)

Posted by Cyndi on 2/01/05 at 22:33 (168293)

I have been taking 600 mg three times a day or 1800 mg per day. This was ordered by my neurologist and now 4 months later the rhumetologist he referred me to wants me to change it to 800 mg or 2400 per day.
Is this a dosage anyone else here takes?
My foor pain just will not go away and is much worse when standing or walking. No first step pain, just stiff anymore. I am doing water walking for exercise and have been told no arthritis but the arthritis -water class seems wonderful for exercise. I can even feel the pool nubbles in concrete my feet are so sensitive.I have very, very sensitive feet with no relief, it seems. Going on a year now. I have also been thru two PODs with no help.

I mainly was wondering about the dosage and will this cure or just mask pain?

Re: Rx- Neurontin ( Gabapentin)

Marsha G on 2/02/05 at 06:16 (168306)

Dear Cyndi
What are you taking the neurontin for? What is your diagnosis? Or did I miss something.....?

Re: Rx- Neurontin ( Gabapentin)

Cyndi on 2/03/05 at 12:21 (168397)

Thanks Marsha, I wish I had a diagnosis! My Dr's are just trying to make me comfortable with my nerve pain and I also cannot stand for more than an hour or so. Terrible feet pain. I cnanot even wear shoes and socks, Very tender!