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Three months post op EPF and Physical Therapy

Posted by Pat on 2/03/05 at 06:54 (168373)

I had EPF on 11/3 and I'm still having pain (which I know is to be expected) so my podiatrist (who says he's pleased with the way I'm healing) is sending me to physical therapy (it's basically a mutual decision). I go today for the initial consultation and I know before the surgery when I went for physical therapy they would have me do these stretches where I put my foot on a wooden board thing (kind of like a slant board) and lean against the wall for a stretch. Personally, I think it aggravated my PF and eventually I developed a stress fracture. Anyway, my question is - is there some things that they should not be doing in physical therapy or some things they should be doing. I know they have a course of treatment for everyone but I really don't think everyone should follow the same treatment. My ankle is a little stiff from not moving around that much and if I do walk alot (a normal days walking) my foot is really sore. Plus I have the cuboid bone thing going on and my foot is still a little swollen and my Pod wants to wait until everything is healed before we do the orthodics things (I have old orthodics but they're hard and horrible). Anyway, any comments/information will be appreciated.

Re: Three months post op EPF and Physical Therapy

gigi P on 2/03/05 at 11:44 (168390)

Thi website it's helping >me cope with both Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs and now I developed >Tendonitis on my heels. I didn't know how common this condition was but a >least I know I'm not crazy and that there are many people just like me >suffering with this pain.
>I have a question and I'm hopping someone can answer it for me. My Podiatry >sent me to Physical Therapy which I will be finishing in two weeks. The >Physical Therapist that is helping me told me that by strengthening the leg >muscles my pain will eventually go away. He makes me workout with lots of >weights, lots of stretching routings and bike exercises. I notice though >that my feet are so swollen after the sections and the days after that Ice >only helps me for a few hours but the pain and swelling comes back. My >condition is not improving so I'm wondering is the Physical Therapy is
>really working?
>Another concerned is that the Podiatry told me that the Physical Therapy I >was going to get a lot of massage on my feet. I have never got any massage >on my feet I actually just workout a lot. So, I'm confused with what I >should expect from the therapy?
>Looking forward to get your feedback. Thank you very much again.

Re: Three months post op EPF and Physical Therapy

Buck T. on 2/03/05 at 16:53 (168431)

Hi Pat and Gigi: Do a search here on PT, exercises and stretching for pf. Many, including myself can't do the weight bearing exercises in physical therapy. We do YOGA and the Dr. Z's stretch. I also told my last physical therapist that the standard weight bearing exercises made me worse and he appreciated the information.

Sincerely, Buck T.

Re: Three months post op EPF and Physical Therapy

Julie on 2/03/05 at 22:26 (168453)

Gigi, I'm not a doctor, and I'm not going to make judgements about your physical therapists, but it does sound to me as though what you are being asked to do in your PT is too strong and demanding for you right now. I'd say you are probably doing far too much weightbearing. If there is pain and inflammation after the sessions, and ice helps only temporarily, you are doing too much.

Pat, I feel the same about you. For you both, the watchword - whatever the PT teaches you - is, be mindful of how an exercise makes you feel. Discomfort is to be expected, pain is not, and is bad. Listen to your bodies. And non-weightbearing exercise is best, until the condition has improved sufficiently not to be further irritated by too-strong stretching. For ankle exercises see the yoga foot exercises mentioned by Buck. You could also have a look at Dr Z's exercise, the Plantar Fascia Stretch.

(Note: Buck, when recommending this exercise you need to give it its link - i.e. Plantar Fascia Stretch.)

Re: Three months post op EPF and Physical Therapy

Pat on 2/08/05 at 17:32 (168759)

Thanks for the info - I reposted another message about physical therapy and pain. I swear I feel like hell after yesterday. I'm not as concerned with the ultrasound thing thought it started hurting like hell but I am concerned with this weird stretching contraption and wondering if that's to much. Now I sit here with my air cast on and feel like maybe if I rest my foot for a few days it may feel better. I don't know what to do and I'm just fed up at this point.