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frustrated and in pain

Posted by jen w on 2/03/05 at 21:00 (168448)

i've had plantar fasciitis for a few years now, and have had eswt twice, have been to physical therapy, had cortisone shots, stretched, iced, taped, and my arches hurt worse than ever. the only thing that said that i didn't have this condition was an MRI (it showed bone marrow edema.) how do i know if i've been misdiagnosed, and are there other conditions that can affect the arch and heel area that i might have instead?

Re: frustrated and in pain

Robert B. on 2/04/05 at 06:32 (168466)

Feeling like a guinea pig also?

I know that 'conservative treatment' is recommended first (I don't know if because of the insurance co. or Dr.s themselves) but as a horse owner I can tell within the month whether the horse will be a great racer or not. Also, as a farrier (equine pediatrist), when I treat a horse for a foot problem (which there are many of) I get it right 90% of the time, the first time whether it's corrective shoeing, injections, medication, trimmings, etc. From an animal that can't speak to me. I research, study gaits, X-rays, ultra-sounds, physical activities (sound like a human pediatrist yet?), etc. The million dollar race horse get the same treatments as the $1,000 back yard horse.

Why is it so hard for the human pediatrist to do this? Their research, tools, diagnoses, etc. is far more advanced than our equine freinds.......

Re: frustrated and in pain

Ed Davis, DPM on 2/04/05 at 14:47 (168487)

Did the MRI show anything else? Did your doc suggest a bone scan?

Re: frustrated and in pain

carol r on 2/05/05 at 15:36 (168569)

since about june last year i have been in alot of pain with mostly my feet (heels).although i have pains in my legs and aching arms (pins and needle sensations).i have to take b12 supplement also.i have had blood tests taken for athritis and other ailments, but they came back normal.The pain all over is greater as the day go on,the pain sometimes is very frustrating and upsetting.I was cueing in the supermaket the other day and i had to hold back the tears because of the pain.i am not that kind of person to get upset i usually just grit my teeth.i am female and 39 years old.i am overweight for my height (12s and 5ft)i am very active (busy).my weight has plumeted in the last year because of my aches and pains.also i would like to go out on a night like i used to do and dance,but i havent been anywhere since the summer,as i can hardly walk at night time.thanks for your time from carol.

Re: frustrated and in pain

Dr. Z on 2/06/05 at 09:14 (168607)

Robert B

The horses I have seen and owned especially race horses always have been in the 10% that are in pain no matter what is done. Funny I use to say the same thing about equine pediatrists. It use to be sooo frustation to have my horsed worked on and then have the same problem . I guess its cause they are big and they race.

Re: Dr. Z

Robert B. on 2/06/05 at 21:23 (168659)

Dr Z

Now you know how we feel and besides, it's one of three things with your horses, poor breeding, working to hard OR you didn't call ME.


Re: frustrated and in pain

Cori Plastina on 2/09/05 at 08:34 (168782)

Hello Jen,

After reading your posted message I believe there is a test which I usually recommend to my patients when they are at their wits end with trying everything conservatively. Since you have had an MRI which showed bone marrow edema it would seem that a bone scan would be the next best test. However, I normally encourage my plantar fasciitis patients to have a soft tissue ultrasound done for a proper diagnoses. In Toronto, Canada there is a great ultrasound clinic who will actually measure the degree of inflammation present in the plantar fascia. Depending on the measurement they will indicate whether the patient has a mild, moderate or severe case of plantar fasciitis. This test usually gives the patient some satisfaction of knowing the problem and allows them to seek out the proper treatment without hurting their 'pocket book.' Hope you find this information helpful. Take care and best of luck with your situation.

Cori Plastina
ESWT Senior Therapist - PainFree ESWT

Re: For Cori

Darlene on 2/09/05 at 18:21 (168824)

I'm wondering what the name of the ultrasound clinic is in Toronto.


Re: For Cori

Rob M on 2/09/05 at 20:36 (168826)

Dear Darlene

It is

PainFree ESWT
1 866 444 3798 (toll-free, US and Canada)
It is located in Oakville, (near Toronto) Canada

(Cori works for me there)

PS, it is not an Ultrasound clinic, but an ESWT clinic. (although we do use inline Ultrasound imaging for localization.)

Re: For Rob M

Darlene on 2/10/05 at 11:24 (168836)

Do you do ultrasound guided injections?