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I had the surgery 3 years ago this May

Posted by Brenda on 2/03/05 at 22:03 (168451)

I had a fasciotomy done on my PF 3 years ago this May. My doctor said people usually respond to everything he tried but I did not and so I opted for surgery.

It was a pain in the butt for 2 months being on crutches. But I can tell you that I am mostly pain free today!

The only time I have that annoying first step pain is if I am sitting in a chair that is too high and made my feet dangle. Otherwise, it doesn't bother me!

I can't tell you the difference the surgery has made!

Before surgery, I felt like I had a knife in the side of my foot 24-7. I was in constant pain for over a year. I actually went too long before I got help because I didn't think it was anything serious.

The only thing I can say is don't have surgery if you don't trust your doctor. If you don't feel you can talk to him and be completely honest and that he listens, don't do it.

My doc was the greastest! He really understood the pain I was feeling and never made me feel guilty. He wasn't in it for the money. He really wanted to help.

If you are in the Nashville area and need a really good foot doc, Dr. Paul Somers is the one. Dr. Somers' site.

Good luck to all of you.

Re: I had the surgery 3 years ago this May

Ellen on 2/06/05 at 13:01 (168621)

I too had EPF almost 2 years ago and wanted to eccho what Brenda has said. While my foot is not 100% (and most likely will not ever be), it is so vastly improved and I too am glad I went this route. It did take me a long time to come to this conclusion as my pod said I would be good as new in 8 weeks and I think it was close to a year before I really felt 'good' In fact, when I went back to him 5 months after EPF and said it still wasn't feeling all that great, he made some (I think inappropriate) comment about my being 'too focused on these sorts of things'. I was in constant pain before the surgery and am now able to take walks up to an hour - what a difference from essentially being immobile and/or in intense pain when trying to move around. I realize there are risks to this type of surgery, but I do feel it's good to let people know that all of these surgeries are not dismal failures. Just to provide another perspective and perhaps some encouragement to people who have tried everything and are still in pain (as I was). Interesting Brenda should also mention about feeling some discomfort when her foot has been 'dangling'. Several months ago, I came to this same conclusion and generaly keep my 'bad' foot planted flat on the ground whenever I sam sitting (vs. crossing my legs and having that foot 'elevated').

Having said all this, I am still not certain what I'd do if I had problems with my other foot. I do take seriously all the concerns voiced on this board. With any luck, I won't have to deal with that!

Re: I had the surgery 3 years ago this May/15 months ago

BudP on 2/17/05 at 11:21 (169256)

Brenda and Ellen,
I also had EPF surgery 15 months ago. I can say that I am pain free. I wish I would have had the surgery sooner because the pain was 24/7 and unbearable.I did exhaust most other treatments before surgery and looking back I'm glad I did. Surgery might not be for everyone,but it was for me.I agree with your comments. I'm glad the surgeries worked for you. BudP