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Shoe size increase as a symptom

Posted by Brenda G from Al on 2/04/05 at 11:49 (168480)

Hi, I haven't been on the board for some time. I thank God that my PF has dramatically improved, I'd say I'm 99% improved, I work 12 hour days standing without even a lunch break to sit down, I only have pain slightly, a hot sensitive feeling, occasionally after 11 hours. But I'm posting because of what my sister's new podiatrist told her Tuesday. My twin sister developed PF about 6 years ago, has had periods of relief but now is in horrible pain in one foot now. She went to a new podiatrist and he asked her what size shoe she wore when she was 20-she replied a 6&1/2. He asked her what size she wore now and she replied 8&1/2. He said this was classic, that the fascia stretches and elongates, the foot gets larger. I,also, wore a aize 7&1/2 now I'm 9&1/2. Is this documented? It does make sense to me. Brenda

Re: Shoe size increase as a symptom

Julie on 2/04/05 at 13:55 (168483)

Brenda, it's good news that you're doing so well. (I should think that anyone's feet would be a bit sore and sensitive after 11 hours of standing, day in day out!)

Re: shoe size increase: it happens naturally, to just about everyone (I would think), and I do not believe it is PF that causes it. As we age, bear weight, and walk, we are pulled down by gravity, and our feet spread and grow: period (the spread is of course exacerbated by weight gain which happens to so many older people). People don't always realise this, and continue to wear the same size shoes through life that they wore in their 20s (particularly true of vain-ish women). 'But I've always been a size 6' is a plaint I have heard more than ocne from middle-aged-to-elderly women, who are clearly NOT a size 6 any longer. Wearing shoes that are too small is, I am quite sure, a prime cause of foot problems.

My feet, like yours, have grown from size 7 1/2 to 9 1/2.

Re: Shoe size increase as a symptom

Dorothy on 2/04/05 at 14:12 (168484)

Julie - I wonder about the interpretation of what Brenda, and her podiatrist, said about the plantar fascia elongating - rather, not that PF causes the change in foot size, but that the change in foot size might contribute to PF by virtue of the stretching and elongating of tissue over time....that's how I read it anyway, but it may not be what they meant. However, I think it's an interesting idea - although there's not much apparent to me anyway that one could do about that, one way or another.
I also went from a 6-1/2 or 7, depending, to a 9 or 9/12. It's an amazing change, really. I've also read that our noses elongate as we get older - so I'm envisioning myself looking a bit like a clown in time: big, long feet and a long, bulbous nose. This is a great prospect! I'll be morphing Bozo the Clown and Jimmy Durante. Great, just great.

Re: Shoe size increase as a symptom

Tina H on 2/04/05 at 14:42 (168486)

Hmm, I also went from a 7.5N to 9.5med. I wonder if the general population sees these large increases? For me 2 sizes is a lot. Tina

Re: order of events

Ed Davis, DPM on 2/04/05 at 14:57 (168490)

I think that the foot elongates but the fascia, not being sufficiently elastic, does not keep up with the elongation and pain is a result.
One of the more dramatic times to see this change is with pregnancy due to secretion of the hormone relaxin which is needed to help the pelvic bones spread. Now the next question I would ask is why relaxin does not have a more dramatic effect on the plantar fascia itself, letting it keep up with the spread occurring.

Re: order of events

Kathy G on 2/04/05 at 17:41 (168515)

I'm the odd one on this. I have worn a size 8 1/2 since I was about twelve. I know the age I was because I was a short, skinny little girl with enormous clown feet! My body didn't catch up until I was around sixteen. My feet didn't increase in size either time I was pregnant and I wear a size 9 now but just because of my orthotic.

I take it back. I'm not odd - just unique! :)

Re: order of events

Julie on 2/05/05 at 02:17 (168539)

So you are, Kathy, so you are.


Re: order of events

Brenda G from Al on 2/05/05 at 07:50 (168548)

Thank you all for your responses! I am going to make a personal survey of my friends about shoe size increase between PF sufferers and non-Pf'ers. This MD, if I get the jest, said your feet shouldn't increase that much as an adult, if it does, then something is going on, like maybe PF development. Now I could be wrong, but this was from my sister. I, also, am making an appointment with him, even though I am having very little problems now, I believe I need new. He doesn't recommend casting while the foot is inflammed. So I am getting new ones made by him. Bren

Re: order of events

Julie on 2/05/05 at 08:27 (168552)

Brenda - I hope you'll let us know the results of your shoe-size survey. The 'sample' here at heelspurs is obviously not a cross-section of the community.

Re: order of events

Brenda G from Al on 2/05/05 at 10:31 (168555)

I'll do so, I work for a grocery store with lots of employees, I'll interview them and let you all know. Oh, BTW, PF is rampant where I work. I try to get the word out about this website and I promote orthotics and good supported shoes like Berkenstocks. Every dept has a sufferer it seems. Bren

Re: Shoe size increase as a symptom

Lori S. on 2/07/05 at 02:13 (168670)

Just my 2 cents and 2 sizes.. and as a woman it isnt fun to go from a 10 to size 12....... thank goodness for Birkenstocks!