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Chronic Neuropathic Pain from suffering from TTS

Posted by Margie on 2/05/05 at 09:26 (168554)

Like I mentioned in my previous entry, I had surgeries that failed on both feet 5 years ago. After my last EMG/NCV was positive for TTS and Chronic Neuropathic Pain I finally found a doctor who (I hope) knows about suffering from CNP. And he is starting me on a pain regement, trying different medicines. He said CNP does not go away but one has to learn to control it with drugs and live with it. That doesn't sound good but it is better than what I had before this little hope for some relief.
Is anyone here suffer from CNP from tarsal tunnel release failure?
What pain regements are you on?
I have tried many different med. that have not helped at all with the pain.

Re: Chronic Neuropathic Pain from suffering from TTS

Mike on 2/05/05 at 12:28 (168560)

Im still not sure weather I have TTS, or some other type of Nueropathy but I did have release surgery on my left side 1 year ago. I was diagnosed with Diabetic Nueropathy but I dont agree just yet.

After surgery I was completely pain free for about 2 months, then the pain came back. I tried everything. Then my Dr put me on Percocet. I was taking 7.5/300mg, up to 8 times a day. It worked great for everything except the burning which comes and goes (maybe 1 or 2 times a week).

Then I got concerned about the amount of Ibuprofen I was taking in daily - at 300mg per pill, it's not good on kidneys but my Dr wouldnt change it and referred me to the pain clinic which was worthless.

I found a new Dr and he put me on a regular pain regimen of Oxycontin which Im currently on. He also gave me Percocet to take for breakout pain as needed.

Now Im pretty much fully capable of anything with only rare occasions of burning.

OC is very addictive but its worth the risk to have my life back.

Im sure I'll eventually gat to the max doseage and have to try something else but at least for the time being, I can live my life and explore other pain control methods. Im currently looking into Anodyne Therapy, Accupuncture, meditation and any other option I can get my habds on.

OxyContin is the slow release version of Oxycodone.
Percocet contains regular Oxycodone(7.5mg) mixed with Ibuprofen(300mg).
You can get either in various doses.

Good Luck!

Re: Chronic Neuropathic Pain from suffering from TTS

Geri on 2/07/05 at 12:55 (168694)

Margie: I feel your pain everyday from the minute my feet hit the floor and sometimes just waking up and moving my leg and foot starts the daily cycle of pain. I do not know when chronic pain sets in and replaces surgery pain. I'm 15 mos. post op and still hoping to get better.
In regards to pain control I take neurontin 300 mg. twice a day and 6oo mg at night. Unless I have had a active and bad foot day I can sleep without pain. I have lorcet and /or vicodin to take for pain. The catch is you have to take it before the pain starts in order to help. At the time I am walking to much I do not know the consequences always, and am to late with the pain meds. It's always later I suffer. I have sciatica also so I am seeing a Pain Dr., so the above regimen is what he gave me for both.
I'm still in the 'suck it up stage' with the foot. My lifestyle is very laid back, just walking in the house is very limited.
I know a pain Doctor can help you manage the pain. They just keep trying different meds to help you. I wish you luck and hope you fine the right regimen.

Re: Chronic Neuropathic Pain from suffering from TTS

Carlos on 2/07/05 at 18:25 (168715)


I know what you feel. I've been in pain for many years. However, I found something that helped me a lot. I'm not cured by any measure but I recommend Vitamin B-complex. I read 'Nutirents for Peripheral Neuropathy' by John A. Senneff. The supplements help deal with the pain and depression.

Good luck,


Re: Chronic Neuropathic Pain from suffering from TTS

steve on 2/10/05 at 21:42 (168871)

yeah it's tough isn't it
i'm also sufferring from cnp/tts both feet,been about 5years now,it started due to accessary navicular ossicles,which weaken the tibial posterior tendon causing tendonitis and eccessive foot pronation.the strechted tendons triggered off the cnp which we thought was tension on the tib post nerve. the emg tests showed no nerve compression and no spinal nerve problems.we did the tts decompressions as part of the bilatteral foot reconscructions.worked really hard at the rehab and i was back working within 3 months of getting the second cast off(wanted my life back)as my calf/foot muscles got stronger and i was able to do more the pain started comming back,dull at first but now at about the same as before.woe is me.i suffer typical tts pain,burning pins&needles through the soles of my feet,no relief even after long rest periods but there is no signs of compression throgh the tunnels???? tried all sorts of meds none work.so i,m off to see a pain mangement specialist.i feel your pain.
p.s. that what doesn,t kill you can only make you stronger.

Re: Chronic Neuropathic Pain from suffering from TTS

Karen b on 2/16/05 at 12:15 (169163)

Mike, Do you know much about anodyne therapy. I have been wanting to try
it, but now my dr. has me sidetracked thinking I may have systemic
lupus and not tts.

Do you know anyone that it has helped? (Anodyne, that isD?)