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Leaky Gut, Parasites and PF

Posted by Martin on 2/05/05 at 11:41 (168557)

Hi All,

I thought I'd 'test the water' with the way I'm dealing with my PF to see if anyone else is working in a similar way.

I've had problems with my feet for the last 10 years ever since a trip to India where I picked up all sorts of stomach bugs, and took far too many anti-biotics. Although I never made the connection, I also began to develop other joint problems around the same time. Things wern't too bad though until about a year ago when, after a particularly stressful time, a bout of flu, and another course of anti-biotics, I developed very severe heel pain. Stretching made it worse and caused damage to my flexor hallucis longus tendon and severe achilles tendonitis making me housebound. Then the chronic fatigue set in, lower back pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain etc. I felt like a 28 year old going on 88!

I was intially diagnosed with spondyloarthropathy, but they couldn't find any evidence that there was any inflammation in my system, or other usual indicators of arthritis (more recently a rheumatologist has gone back on this diagnosis and pretty much ruled it out).

In a desperate state I visisted a naturopath who made the, so far un-noticed, connection between India and my symptoms and suggested I might have a parasite. I had a test done and sure enough a parasite showed up! I also suspect I've probably got candida overgrowth due to various fungal infections I've had over the years. Apparently parasites and candida often go hand in hand. I've also been seeing a very helpful Chinese herbalist who tested me for 'leaky gut syndrome' which also came back positive.

Now that I look back at it I can make a clear connection between my symptoms beginning after picking up these stomach bugs and over-using anti-biotics, and more recently, after a period of immense stress, over-using anti-biotics and NSAIDs, and a high carbohydrate/sugar diet - all these things increase candida, parasites and ultimately damage the gut, which leads to malabsorbtion (which if there's a bio-mechanical weakness in the body, then it's more prone to injury), toxins and entering the blood stream, auto-immune conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia etc. There's lots of web about leaky gut syndrome.

Since last September I've been on a no sugar, no refined-carbohydrate, no yeast diet, as well as taking loads of anti-parasitic herbs and supplements to heal the gut, and although it's been slow, things have improved immensely. My energy has gone up, upper body pain is very mild now, the achilles tendons have improved, the flexor hallucis longus injury is now finally starting to get better... it's just the heels that I'm waiting to show some real improvement. It's almost as if the 'syndrome' is working it's way backwards out of my body.

I'm not saying this is an an easy or fast approach as it takes real will power to keep to the diet, and also a lot of mental work through mediation, yoga etc to keep myself positive. It can aparently take up to 12 months to fully heal the gut. But considering last summer I could barely leave the house, I'm now back working a couple of days a week, cycling round London, and even using the Underground system with all it's steps for 'reasonable length' journeys... stuff I thought impossible six months ago. I've also had to keep up the stretching, but very gently. The other benefit is that I've lost loads of weight and feel generally healthier. I've still got a way to go till I can go on those long walks again, but I'm getting there.

I've searched the heelspurs.com archives and see there was a chap here some years ago called Gordon who describes a very similar experience to mine.

I wondered whether anyone else has taken the 'leaky gut' approach to their PF? I'd be interested to hear your experiences. Equally, if anyone is interested in trying this approach I'd be happy to provide more details - leaky guy needn't be necessarily be caused by a parasite, it can also be caused by overuse of anti-biotics, NSAIDs, the pill, steroids, stress, and a high sugar/carb diet i.e. things that are exceptionally common in our modern lifestyles.


Re: Leaky Gut, Parasites and PF

Jason on 2/07/05 at 13:20 (168695)

Very interesting post; think I may have a malabortion syndrome as I seem to have arthritic\muscle signs and scans indicate bone thinning. Docs haven't been much help, may need to check out alternative medicine. Thanks for the info.

Re: Leaky Gut, Parasites and PF

Martin on 2/07/05 at 14:33 (168696)

From what I understand of leaky gut/malabsorbtion, it's actually very common and may explain why some people respond well to supplements and others don't i.e. you need to heal the gut before the supplements will have their full effect. Word of warning though, it's a theory which many orthodox doctors don't know much about, so best to seek a good qualified naturopath or herbalist. Good luck.


Re: Leaky Gut, Parasites and PF

Mark on 2/07/05 at 14:41 (168698)

I find this really interesting! I have had Plantar Faciitis in both feet for a couple of years and walking is very difficult at times. I also have 'something strange' going on in my abdomen. A pain in my side and a blocked up bloated feeling around the front. This ties in with having doubled my dose of allopurinol for gout 2 months ago to see if that takes away the inflamation in my feet. (no it hasnt) I have also been taking a NSAID tablet everyday for about a year and have had steroid injections in both heels under ultrasound

Ive been wondering if there could be a link between whats going on inside (I was thinking Kidneys? Liver?) and asked my doctor - the answer was No.

So I decided to have a look for myself and found your message

Do you have any evidence to present to a doctor as mine looked at me disaprovingly when I mentioned 'Leaky Gut' saying he'd never heard of it

Thanks, M

Re: Leaky Gut, Parasites and PF

Martin on 2/07/05 at 15:50 (168703)


To deal with the issue of your doctor first - all the doctors I've shown my test results to just say it's not their area, or they've never heard of it. But that's not to say that it's outside the realms of orthodox medecine - I'll see if I can post the link to a good article I read by an American MD. Any rheumatologist will tell you that they know there's a link between gut health and inflammation in the system, they just don't know for sure what exactly that link is. It seems that for whatever reasons leaky gut theory isn't yet in the mainstream yet (call me cynical but I suspect that because the treatment doesn't involve a specific drug, the drug companies haven't funded it!). However, it wouldn't surprise me if, just like osteopaty or acupuncture, in 15 years time 'leaky gut treatment' is more accepted and known about (and by then they'll have developed the drug for it too!). But in the meantime your best bet is to find a good naturopath or herbalist who will test you - it's a simple urine test that you post off, i got it done here in London for about 50 pounds ($30). They will then prescribe you herbs, supplements and diet.

As for your gut problems they could be due to all sorts of reasons, candida, NSAID overuse, IBS etc. However, if there's something going on in your gut there's a good chance it will have damaged the intestinal lining allowing toxins, bacteria and food particles into the blood stream, as well as malabsorbtion of nutrients - in other words, leaky gut. You may not be too far off with your theory that the liver and/or kidneys are affected - once toxins get into the blood stream, the liver/kidneys have a extra hard job at clearing the rubbish out, and this is only intesified if you have candida or parasites (which give off toxins themselves). And if you're taking 'toxic' drugs like NSAIDs then this only makes matters worse... it's a catch-22 situation (personally I was taking NSAIDs for months and only getting worse). In fact, part of the leaky gut treatment regime involves taking various herbs to cleanse the liver and kidneys (milk thistle, ginger, Chinese herbs etc). There's also a view in Chinese medecine that your kidneys and liver are connected to your general energy levels, and to the maintenance of your muscles, tendons and ligaments... sounds a bit far fetched I know, but the Chinese have sworn by it for thousands of years! It seems that a leaky gut can affect people in lots of different ways from joint and fatigue type symptoms (due to malabsorbtion of nutrients), arthritis (an auto-immune response to toxins and bacteria in the system), food allergies (an auto-immune response to food particles in the system), gut pain (due to the inflammation of the gut lining etc)... the list goes on.

If you do decide you want to give the leaky gut treatment a go regardless, let me know and I'll post some more specific details about diet, herbs and supplements. If after a few of months you have some improvement you'll know it's working. My view is that the regime is so utterly healthy anyway that it's got to do you some good!


Re: Link to Leaky Gut Article

Martin on 2/07/05 at 15:56 (168704)

As promised here's the link to a reputable Leaky Gut article. It doesn't specifically mention PF, but what does?!!


Re: Leaky Gut, Parasites and PF

Julie on 2/07/05 at 16:11 (168705)


I've been reading your posts over the last few days with great interest - and the article you've just given a link to is fascinating. I also live in London. Would you mind giving me the details of your naturopath?



Re: Leaky Gut, Parasites and PF

Mark on 2/07/05 at 18:21 (168713)

Thanks Martin - very interesting, so was the article you posted.

It was my GP that I mentioned Leaky Gut to, is there a proper medical term for it that he may recognise? Also evidence he may trust?

I have so far seen an orthopaedic surgeon, two rheumatologists, a sports physio, an orthotist and I am soon to see a more eminent orthorpaedic surgeon (I have NO intention of having surgery) however I have thought about ESWT

I'm pretty sure I injured my feet playing football, being 45 at the time and overweight and then carried on playing hoping the pain would 'sort itself out' It didnt hurt while I was playing but the morning after was agony - then it just became too much

So Ive had the 'foot problem' for a while but but now its the gut thing !

Ive stopped the NSAIDS from today and I'm going to try to cope with the pain - I also had blood taken to check the uric acid level and I hope to reduce the allopurinol to what it was before I raised it in Novemeber (It was my rheumatologist who suggested the increase)

Today my Doctor referred me to a Gastroenterologist (It could be months)

I really think there might be something in this but how do you persuade your Doctor when he is making you feel so stupid for suggesting it?

Thanks for your replies

Re: Leaky Gut, Parasites and PF

john h on 2/07/05 at 22:49 (168726)

There is a common stomach bug named heliobacter pylori. Did your GP test you for this as he/she can test for it with a blood test and is treated with antibiotics and usually a med like Nexium which turns off the acid pumps in your stomach lining. The gastrointerologist may do a scope of your stomach with a little carmera which is not big deal. He may do a biopsy to determine if you do have heliobacter pylori as the blood test can give false positives. Lots of people get this bug and it can cause a lot of grief and will not go away on its own.

Re: Leaky Gut, Parasites and PF

Julie on 2/08/05 at 02:21 (168728)

Mark, a possible way to get your GP interested is to show him the article. His interest, or lack of it, will depend on whether he is one of those doctors who reject every attempt at input by a patient (especially if it comes from the internet). But some are more open-minded, and it's worth a try. I thought the article was articulate and convincing.

John's suggestion of testing for heliobacter pylori is a good one. It's a real troublemaker, and as he says, very common. I'm sure the gastroenterologist will do this as a matter of course (it's the first thing they think of now when testing for possible ulcers) but your GP could probably do it sooner.

Re: Leaky Gut, Parasites and PF

Martin on 2/08/05 at 07:28 (168734)


Tha naturopath who originally noticed my parasite is actually in Ipswich, but it's a Chinese Medical Practitioner in London who tested me for leaky gut syndrome (partly caused by the parasite) and has been treating me accordingly. His name is Stefan Chmelik and he practices on Harley Street - numbers to contact him are 020 7221 4602 / 020 7251 2670. He really knows his stuff and is able to arrange leaky gut tests and prescribe appropriate treatment.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.


Re: Leaky Gut, Parasites and PF

Martin on 2/08/05 at 07:40 (168735)


Sometimes leaky gut is referred to as 'intestinal permeability', but this is often only understood by specialist in this area, and even they often see it as a side effect of other conditions and not as a cause of problems in itself. Julie's suggestion of showing him the article might be a good start in trying to convince him, but my gut feeling (no pun intended!) is that if he hasn't read about in a medical journal he won't be persuaded by an internet article (even if it is written by another doctor).

If I were in your position I would definitely see all the other specialists you have lined up for their opinion, but also seek out a naturopath or herbalist in your area who does recognise and treat leaky gut - best to phone them first for a chat before you decide to part with your cash. If you're short of cash, next option is to buy a book on candida treatment from a health food shop which deals with leaky gut treatment. Even if you can't get tested for it, you could still try the diet and some of the supplements for while to see if they have any effect. If you want more details on these I'm happy to provide them.

Good luck!


Re: Leaky Gut, Parasites and PF

Mark on 2/08/05 at 07:44 (168736)

Sincere Thanks, you are all very nice people !

Good Luck to you

Re: Leaky Gut, Parasites and PF

Julie on 2/08/05 at 10:02 (168741)

Thanks very much, Martin.

Re: Leaky Gut, Parasites and PF

Mark on 2/09/05 at 03:44 (168778)

Hi Martin

Two things

1 Have you tried orthotics (you havent mentioned them) I got some custom made from a place in Chester and they have made a difference, I couldnt go back to walking without them. I've also found some great shoes from Clarks - If you'd like the info let me know?

2 Youve talked a little about your 'diet' and Ive checked many places (on the web) for recipes but who wants to be making Smoked tofu and bean burgers served with avocado cream sauce and green salad

If you could, it would be great to post some day to day ordinary things to eat and avoid, things in the supermarket

Many thanks

Re: Leaky Gut, Parasites and PF

Julie on 2/09/05 at 06:15 (168779)

Here's another good article about Leaky Gut Syndrome which has some useful diet pointers:


Re: Leaky Gut, Parasites and PF

Martin on 2/09/05 at 08:41 (168786)

Hi Mark,

1. Thanks for the suggestion. Orthotics kept me going for about 9 years just fine. Then I got flu, took anti-biotics, and the heel pain got so bad the orthotics were useless. To cut a long story short... bio-mechanically they don't work for me anymore, so now I'm trying to sort out what I believe is the real cause of my problems i.e. parasite and leaky gut.

2. I can't lie to you, it is a bit of a hippy diet! But if you're serious about doing it you have to make some real lifestyle changes - wouldn't you rather eat healthily and feel well?

Basically the diet has to avoid all sugars and refined carbohydrates (these feed candida and parasites), yeast (the body is probably already having to fight a candida yeast overgrowth), and processed foods with lots of additives (the body can't cope with too many chemicals).

Foods that are OUT: Alcohol, tea and coffee (due to caffeine), sweets/candy, sodas/fizzy drinks, potatoes (too starchy), bread, milk and cheese (these contain lactose which is a sugar), mushrooms and fungi (too similar to yeast), vinegar and all fermented products, peanuts and pistachios (yeasts often grow on these), any processed foods with sugar added (which includes a lot!), anything smoked like smoked salmon or smoked tofu (it has yeasts).

Foods which MIGHT BE OKAY (you're probably best to avoid these to begin with for a few weeks and then slowly re-introduce them to see if they have a reaction): Yoghurt (lactose content is very low, plus it's full of good bacteria, so it may actually be really good for you), butter and goats and sheeps cheeses (lactose content is low), fruit (best to give this up completely to begin with then slowly re-introduce less sugary fruits like apples and pears), wheat (if you can tolerate it).

Foods that are GOOD TO EAT: Meat (except pork, but try to buy good quality stuff, organic if possible), fish (especially oily fish like tuna and mackeral), eggs, loads of fresh vegetables and salads, soya products including tofu, soya yoghurt, soya mince, soya milk etc., oils, nuts, seeds (like flax, pumpkin, sesame, sunflower), brown rice cakes, brown rice, buck wheat, quinoa, soda bread (no yeast) etc.

Foods that are REALLY GOOD FOR YOU (as they kill candida, heal your gut and aid digestion): olive oil, lemon juice, cyder vinegar, onions, garlic, camomile tea, licorice tea, peppermint tea, FOS (this is a white powder that is really sweet like sugar, but actually helps heal your gut!)

Food allergies: If you do have a leaky gut you may find that you react to some things like gluten in wheat, so best to avoid it to begin with, and then re-introduce it later. Similarly do the same with nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, aubergine) and then re-introduce.

An average day for me might be something like:

Breakfast - ground seeds or muesli (no added sugar) with yoghurt.

Lunch - Massive salad with tuna, nuts, lots of dressing (olive oil, lemon juice and garlic), maybe a slice of soda bread or rice cakes with butter and almond spread (ground almonds and oil).

Dinner - Lamb curry, dhal (lentil curry) or soup or stew, brown rice.

Snacks - I snack all day on as many almonds, cashews, walnuts, brazil nuts as I can eat, carrots, FOS.

Other tips:
1. Generally cut back on the ammount of carbs you eat, it's not bad for you. Increase the ammount of protein if you want to. Eat lots of veg and lots of 'good' fatty stuff like fish, nuts and seeds so you don't go hungry.
2. ALWAYS eat if you feel hungry, the great thing about this diet is you can't put on weight!
3. Keep a food diary of everything you eat so you know what may and may not be causing your problems. Your problem may even be as simple as giving up one thing like wheat!
4. When you first go on the diet you'll feel awful for the first couple of weeks, but this is called die-off as the candida begins to die, your body suffers withdrawal symptoms from sugar, and you adjust to knowing what you can and can't eat. Beilieve me when I say it does get a lot easier and is definitely worth the initial pain!
5. Find a good health food shop near you as this is where you'll be buying lots of your food. They'll also be able to advise you if you say you're on an anti-candida diet.
6. Eating out can be difficult, but most restaurants nowadays cater for special diets if you tell them what you can't eat.
7. You will have to spend more time in the kitchen, so try and enjoy it. Invest in a anti-candida cook book with interesting recipes. Make large quantities of curry, stews, soups, brown rice etc and and freeze them in portions to save you time during the week.


It's worth taking supplements to kill the candida, heal the gut and detox your body generally. Probably cheapest to buy these off the net, or find a health food shop selling good quality brands.

To kill candida/parasites: oregano oil, pau d'arco, artemesia, cloves, garlic, aloe vera juice, olive oil, Vit B-biotin, grapefruit seed extract, balck walnut extract, cinammon, MSM - take a couple of these at a time and alternate every few weeks.

To heal the gut - aloe vera, FOS, N-Acetyl Glucosamine, L Glutamine, licorice, camomile, MSM - a good brand, although expensive, is Nutri-Link Perm A Vite Powder Intestinal Permeability Formula which has all the right stuff mixed together.

Re-populate the gut with good bacteria - use a good brand of pro-biotics, and eat FOS to feed the good bacteria.

Aid the digestive system to increase absorbtion of nutrients - use a good digestive enzyme like bromelain with meals.

To detox the liver/kidneys - milk thistle, ginger, dandlion root, a hot epsom salt bath, go to a sauna, drink lots of water - whatever suits you.

Treat the immune system - echinacea, astralagus, ginseng - alternate these.

Other supplements which help - cod liver oil and flax seeds oil (reduce inflammation and do loads of good stuff), MSM (does everything!), Vit C, Vit B.

As you've probably gathered it's not cheap, but in my view my health is worth the money. It's also not easy adapting your lifestyle to begin with, but after a while you'll feel a LOT healthier generally, and the idea of fast food will not appeal to you! See it as a challenge and you'll reap the awards!

Good luck and let us know how you get on.


Re: Leaky Gut, Parasites and PF

Martin on 2/09/05 at 08:45 (168788)

Actually, Mark, please do tell me about your shoes from Clarkes as I'm always on the look out for good shoes!



Re: Leaky Gut, Parasites and PF

Mark on 2/09/05 at 09:52 (168791)


Will I have to spend the first few weeks at Woodstock? and do you think listening to folk music might help too? (I'm just kidding)

Ive never heard of half of the stuff, what I really was asking was is it ok to eat Tesco baked beans?

At this stage I'm not even sure I have a leaky gut or candida but I guess that eating all the things youve mentioned would be a good thing

I love tomatoes and thought that pork was a 'good' meat

If you had to pick out the 3 or 4 most important things for me to start with what would they be? Or wont that work at all?

Thanks again for your time and help

The shoes are Clarks Active Air, they are like a suade boot with a rigid sole that doesnt 'snap' however hard I tried in the shop

I'm not saying they are the right ones or the best or anything other that they are REALLY comfortable for me and have help a lot with my PF - so much that I havent worn any other shoes since buying them (They dont look good with a suit) So its a good job I dont need to where a suit very often

They were about £70 but I got them in the Jan sales at £35


Re: Leaky Gut, Parasites and PF

Susan on 2/09/05 at 10:53 (168795)

This is all very interesting to me, because I have been on anti-inflammatories (mostly mobic, and occasionally advil) off and on for years, plus I love coffee and tea. Then last spring I had a severe infection in my lower abdomen that put me in the hospital for 2 days. They did all kinds of tests, and it was not in my intestinal tract at all, and several doctors were at a total loss as to the cause or even exactly where the infection was. (Had severe lower abdominal pain, white blood cell count was elevated and had a fever.) So now I'm wondering if leaky gut syndrome is what it caused it.

And I've had PF for 2.5 years.

Thanks for posting about this.

Re: Leaky Gut, Parasites and PF

Martin on 2/09/05 at 11:10 (168798)


Yes, candida and parasites hate folk music, so listen to lots of that!

I hadn't heard of any of this stuff either before I started to diet. But once you look in the right places theres loads of companies wanting to sell it to you!

Starting with the basics sounds like a good plan, and see if it helps.

1. Try giving up refined sugars where possible i.e. sweets, drinks, alcohol etc. Just drink water or herbal teas.
2. Try giving up wheat for a while as lots of people respond well to this.
3. Try eating more whole-meal carbs when possible i.e. brown not white, and more fresh veg.
4. Eat more oily fish like tins of tuna, sardines and mackeral, more yoghurt, more garlic and onions (do this at night so the smell wears off!)

Re baked beans - in themselves they're fine, it's just that there's usually sugar added to them - so I'll let you decide how far you want to take it.

Pop down your local health food shop and just buy some pau d'arco (it's good for you anyway and will boost your immune system), buy some pro-biotics (Bio-care bio-acidopholus is a good brand), buy some Vit c and vit B tablets if you're not already taking them (Bio-care, Solgar, Nutri, Vridian are all good brands and worth the extra price), take cod liver oil or flax seeds oil supplements.

You'll definitely get some benefits (I hope!).

Thanks for the tip on the shoes, I'll look out for them.


Re: Leaky Gut, Parasites and PF

Martin on 2/09/05 at 11:20 (168799)


I'm not a doctor so wouldn't like to speculate what your problem is. But leaky gut and it's related problems are certainly worth looking into.

The parasite I've got is called blastocystis hominis and doesn't usually come up in normal NHS tests - I had to get specially tested by the London School of Tropical Medecine. It's also 'pathogenically controversial' which means doctors argue about whether it's even harmful or not - it's seems some peopel are affected by it, others not.

If your problems are caused by candida or some parasites, which is possible - once again, for some reason lots of doctors don't take these issues seriously. Your best bet is to seek out a naturopath or herbalist who does take it seriously.

I think, like PF, gut health is an area wheres there's still a lot that the medical profession doesn't know about. And certainly the link between gut health and other health problems is under researched and not talked about in the mainstream.

Hope the advice I've given Mark helps you. Good luck.


Re: Leaky Gut, Parasites and PF

Susan on 2/10/05 at 12:37 (168841)

Thanks again Martin. I'm definitely going to look into this.

Re: Leaky Gut, Parasites and PF

Mark on 2/11/05 at 04:28 (168877)

It would be really interesting to know if anyone has had a positive reaction from their GP on this subject - Anyone?

Re: Leaky Gut, Parasites and PF

Elyse B on 2/11/05 at 13:23 (168901)

Susan, it has been a long time, it is so good to see you back on the Boards, how are you?

Re: Spondyloarthropathy

Martin on 2/11/05 at 15:09 (168907)

Without getting too hung up on 'labels for illnesses', it's worth mentioning that PF and irritable bowel syndrome are also symtoms of a category of sero-negative arthritis (i.e. non-rheumatoid) called spondyloarthropathy (SpA) - this includes ankylosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis, spondylitis assoc with IBS, reactive arthritis, and undifferentiated spondyloarthropathy. As the articles posted here show, leaky gut is a symptom/cause (?) of arthritis, including SpA. It seems all these things are ultimately connected.

SpA means inflammation of the spine, as the classic initial symptom is lower back pain. If your PF is accompanied by persistent lower back pain, IBS, and/or psoriasis you 'could' (and I emphasise the word could, this doesn't mean you do!) have one of the SpAs. A rheumatologist usually diagnoses you using blood tests, x-rays etc.

If you do have an SpA there's a lot of evidence that diet can have a huge effect on the condition i.e. people with ankylosing spondylitis can give up starch and go into virtual remisssion - see http://www.kickas.org for full details. All the more eveidence that diet can have a hige effect on illness.

It's also worth mentioning that the English cricketer Mike Atherton has AS and he batted for England!


Re: Leaky Gut, Parasites and PF

Susan on 2/11/05 at 15:34 (168909)

Hello to you too Elyse! Good to hear from you. I'm doing fine, but busy as usual. How are you?

Re: Spondyloarthropathy

Ralph on 2/12/05 at 11:07 (168927)

Just wanted to say thanks for the link. I didn't know anything about this condition and found it very interesting reading. I have to say that some of the symptoms I think apply to me. Thanks to you I'm going to take information from that website and ask my doctor some new questions.
Thanks again.

Re: Spondyloarthropathy

Martin on 2/13/05 at 08:54 (168961)

No problem Ralph, hope you get somewhere. If it turns out you do have an SpA don't be too alarmed. People on http://www.kickas.org have a minefield of knowledge about diet and treatments which will help.


Re: Leaky Gut, Parasites and PF

Susan on 2/13/05 at 12:15 (168972)

I have a friend who is an internist and I asked her if she'd heard of leaky gut syndrome and she said she had not. I described it to her and she thought it made sense.

Re: Leaky Gut, Parasites and PF

John H on 2/14/05 at 09:43 (169032)

Susan: Here is a simple explanation:


Re: Leaky Gut, Parasites and PF

Susan on 2/14/05 at 12:22 (169046)

Thanks, John. I can stop drinking alcohol and stop eating candy and refined carbs, but I'm not sure I can function without caffeine.