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laser treatment

Posted by girlflier on 2/05/05 at 12:29 (168561)

hi everyone, glad i found this site. has anyone heard about the effectiveness of laser treatment for PF? ive had PF for 20 years and have tried absolutely everything else except that and sclerotherapy, because at the time i had heard of them years ago, they were very experimental. however, the fda has now approved laser treatment, and i have heard the results are very good.

Re: laser treatment

james n on 2/05/05 at 13:20 (168563)

i am doing lllt for my chronic arm problems. i am going to start today on the achilles and pf. i will let you know how it works. it is helping with my long lasting neck/shoulder/forearm problems but it is slow acting. i buily my own lllt device with parts i bought off of ebay. screw 60 bucks a half hour at the chiro.

Re: laser treatment

girlflier on 2/05/05 at 16:18 (168573)

well i looked online a bit and so far found out that the buyers of these units (chiro's etc) get a manual that tells how long each tx should be based on the injury, and how many tx's are needed. one site said that acute injuries are successfully resolved in 8-10 tx's, and chronic ones in 18-20 and that tx time is 5 minutes per session, but it depends on the strength of the laser. i also found out that some units are not true lasers, but rather superluminous diodes which are much less effective. also says point laser at 90 degrees to site for deepest penetration, and finally that superpulsed versus a continuous wave is up to 500% more effective! some other interesting factoids too, let me know if youre interested. i agree with you on pricing, very cool that you could make your own. i happen to work at a chiro's and just found out he has a laser, but havent started using it yet.

Re: laser treatment

jamesn on 2/05/05 at 22:43 (168592)

mine is built using a 820nm diode laser run in a continuous mode. i am working on a pulsing circuit for it. is your chiro using the microlight 830? its pretty popular. i got the treatment protocols from them for carpal and tendonitis. that is what i have. i am using ebay item #3863295031 just do an advanced search on ebay for the item #. i run it at a lasing output of 300mw and a treatment area of 8 sq cm. i am using the treatment protocols from microlight as far as the amount of joules to use and it has helped with my shoulder problems the most so far. i start using it on the feet tomorrow.

Re: laser treatment

girlflier on 2/06/05 at 18:47 (168648)

I'm not sure what brand/model he has, but could you post or email me (same as above at aol) the protocol for PF if you have it? i'm glad your arm is clearing up, thats great. you might want to take a look at the theralase website, it seems very well researched to me regarding the technical aspects of most efficacious nm, wattage, treatment site diameter etc.