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new with a quick question

Posted by girlflier on 2/05/05 at 16:32 (168577)

hi all, just wanted to clarify whether eswt is the same as laser therapy. thanks.

Re: new with a quick question

Dr. Z on 2/05/05 at 18:03 (168580)


Re: new with a quick question

girlflier on 2/06/05 at 18:52 (168650)

lol ok, so whats the difference please?

Re: new with a quick question

Dr. Zuckerman on 2/07/05 at 17:01 (168708)

ESWT uses focused soundwaves. micro-trauma degenerative tissue. This is considered a non-invasive surgical procedure
Laser- uses light to stimulate blood flow. Laser is a physical therapy treatment

Re: new with a quick question

Cori Plastina on 2/11/05 at 10:20 (168886)


I thought it might be helpful if I responded to your question as I am currently using the laser therapy in conjunction with our ESWT treatments. Not to be confusing they are two different therapies as previously stated by Dr. Z. The ESWT treatment is indeed soundwaves where as the laser therapy uses low intensity light. The laser therapy is extremely effective in promoting blood circulation along with decreasing pain and in some cases inflammation. At the PainFree ESWT clinic in Toronto, Canada we are currently using both the ESWT technology and laser therapy. Hope this clarifies things for you. If you need any other information you can contact us directly at 1-866-444-3798. Take care.

Cori P, PainFree ESWT Senior Therapist