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Foot numbness

Posted by Sheila on 2/05/05 at 17:58 (168579)

What causes foot numbness? What can be done to restore feeling?

Re: Foot numbness

Julie on 2/06/05 at 01:55 (168595)

Numbness anywhere can be a sign of nerve damage. Have you seen your doctor? It can also be due to wearing too tight shoes, or even too tight socks. But if you suspect something going on, see your doctor.

(I am not a doctor, but I know about numbness due to nerve damage.)

Re: Foot numbness

john on 2/06/05 at 10:49 (168617)

Peripheral Neuropathy can casue your feet to be numb as secondary to diabetes.

Re: Foot numbness

Sheila C. on 7/28/05 at 09:18 (179315)

Okay, so how does somebody get the numbness to go away?

Re: Foot numbness

Ralph on 7/28/05 at 22:12 (179355)

I'm not a doctor, but I think the first place you have to start is to see a doctor and get a diagnosis. Better treatments come when a doctor actually knows what is causing your symptom.

You may need some tests to get to the bottom of the numbness that you are experiencing.

One other poster recommended that you see a doctor and my vote is with her.