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Albert Pujols had ESWT!

Posted by elliott on 2/05/05 at 19:32 (168583)

Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols had ESWT for his chronic PF. Initially, he thought it was working but now his pain is back:


A google search yields more links. If you've been following his story, he was first contemplating surgery (which his agent said was 100% guaranteed to work and moreover that he'd be ready to return at the start of the season!), then tried ESWT first.

Re: Albert Pujols had ESWT!

Dr. Z on 2/06/05 at 02:19 (168599)

Doesn't say anything about how long post-eswt etc. High energy , low energy enwhatever.
Sad if he is going to have foot surgery if its only one month post ESWT or he has only had one treatment.

Re: Albert Pujols had ESWT!

Dr. Wishnie on 2/06/05 at 07:01 (168601)

dear Elliott:

It is great to see another roto player involved. Are you in a league right now. I am a big baseball fan and belong to a league that is in its 24th year.

Re: Albert Pujols had ESWT!

elliott on 2/06/05 at 10:15 (168612)

Dr. Wishnie,

I must confess that, while interested in sports, I'm not a roto player and I've never played fantasy anything. I found the roto link with a google search. Sorry.


Re: Albert Pujols had ESWT!

Kathy G on 2/07/05 at 11:32 (168689)

Dr. Wishnie,

I play Fantasy Football but no other sport. This year I had four teams. On the first team, I did a poor job of drafting players in the live draft. I did pretty well on the next two. And then, just for the heck of it, I used auto-draft for a team. I'm proud to say that the two teams that I thought I did the best job on actually went on the win the Superbowl of our group! The first team I chose finished fourth and the auto-draft team finished a pitiful 7th, even with all the changes I made.

I have my nephew playing Fantasy Basketball. I think it's a great pastime and it teaches you a lot about the game and other teams. And it made watching football even more fun for me!

Re: Albert Pujols had ESWT!

BenLee on 2/07/05 at 19:05 (168717)

Doug Christie, now on the Orlando Magic had ESWT done before the start of the season and he's been running around like crazy. Kinda makes me jealous. But I guess it worked for him really quick.

Re: Albert Pujols had ESWT!

Ralph on 2/07/05 at 19:32 (168720)

Wonder if he went through 6 months of conservative treatment prior to havine ESWT like the rest of the people here? Maybe he got good results because he was treated with ESWT earlier.

Re: Albert Pujols had ESWT!

elliott on 2/07/05 at 20:32 (168723)

Dr. Z, looks like it was the Ossatron, and he just got a second treatment:


If it holds, it might add to evidence that repeat treatments, even for high energy, can be warranted.


Re: Albert Pujols had ESWT!

Dr. Z on 2/07/05 at 21:03 (168725)


There was just an article published by Dr. Odgen regarding 2nd treatments with the ossatron . The results were that 78% of the patients treatments received pain relief when a first treatment failed to give the patient satisfactory pain relief. So gettting a 2nd high energy treatment when a first failed to resolve pain is a good idea for the plantar fasciosis patients.

Re: Albert Pujols had ESWT!

Ralph on 2/08/05 at 10:15 (168743)

I'm glad someone is hopeful. Do you know if he waited 6 months prior to his first treatment? Why did they use the Ossatron machine?

Re: Albert Pujols had ESWT!

BenLee on 2/08/05 at 14:25 (168750)

I do know he had it in the playoffs but I seriously doubt it. Pro Athletes get all kinds of treatment and they get it constantly. Physical therapists for every little thing. No waiting time. X-rays and MRI's 5 minutes after they get hurt. Again, no waiting time. If I hurt my foot, I would have to schedule an appointment with a doctor, wait a week or two, he'll send me somewhere else to get x-rays, I come back to him, it's a good month before I have a diagnosis. Pro atheletes, they get their x-ray and diagnosis in under a day. While would treatment be any different? Especially when a pro team has millions of dollars invested in a player. Christie waited 3 months at most to get ESWT.

Re: Albert Pujols had ESWT!

Ralph on 2/08/05 at 15:20 (168753)

If we assume he didn't wait because of his athlete status perhaps when athlete's get good results it's because they get faster treatment like you say.

Re: Albert Pujols had ESWT!

elliott on 2/08/05 at 15:51 (168754)

Dr. Z, I have some reservations about the Ossatron study's reporting methods which I expressed some time ago, so I would not necessarily accept at face value these published stats, but I'm not going to tackle that now while on Percocet.

Pujols may have been in a higher-probability-of-success class for second treatment given he had an initial positive response rather than none at all. One thing strange about Pujols' case: the press blurbs claim that before he got his first ESWT treatment, they were planning to give him two treatments; they only waited since he had an initially positive response. Is that the norm to plan two high-energy treatments? Is it possible it was set on a lower energy level?

Re: Albert Pujols had ESWT!

Dr. Z on 2/08/05 at 20:31 (168768)

The literature doesn't support that ESWT works better the early it is treated. Do I think you need to wait six months No

Re: followup on Albert Pujols

elliott on 2/14/05 at 06:15 (169026)

Pujols' foot gets more attention
By Joe Strauss Of the Post-Dispatch

JUPITER, Fla. - Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols will open spring
training on time and without limitations after undergoing a second
non-invasive procedure to relieve plantar fasciitis in his left foot,
the club said.

Shortly after admitting to recurring discomfort in the foot at last
month's Winter Warm-Up, Pujols received a treatment that uses vibration
to alleviate inflammation underneath the foot. Pujols actually suffers
plantar fasciitis in both feet, but the condition is most acute in his
left one.

'Albert came to me saying there had been some recent discomfort in the
foot,' Cardinals medical supervisor Dr. George Paletta said. 'By the
time I saw him, the discomfort had subsided to the point that Albert
wasn't sure that the procedure was necessary. But because he was having
a problem - and the tendency for these things to recur if not addressed
- he underwent a second procedure.'

Paletta performed an initial procedure on Pujols' foot in November.
Plantar fasciitis affects the fascia, or connective tissue between
muscles in sole of the foot. Pujols' worst pain emanates from near his
left heel. Paletta said Pujols' cleats have been fitted with inserts to
alleviate his foot discomfort.

Pujols initially contemplated surgery, which would have left his leg in
a cast for a minimum six weeks, but doctors believed the problem could
be addressed with a treatment similar to that administered to sufferers
of kidney stones.

The procedure is uncomfortable enough that Pujols was sedated. Shock
waves are transferred through a ball filled with a gel-like substance to
the foot. Kidney stone patients typically sit in a tub filled with

'If the procedure had taken place on an off day during the season,
Albert probably would have missed one or two games,' Paletta said.

Pujols, expected to return from the Dominican Republic this week, could
not be reached.

Danny Lozano, Pujols' lead agent, said his client expects to report
before position players are scheduled to arrive Feb. 22.

'He was having some serious discomfort for a while,' Lozano said. 'It
worried him.'

Pujols told reporters Jan. 21 that he was experiencing pain similar to
that which plagued him for much of last season's second half.

'He went to see (Paletta) the day after that and felt better,' general
manager Walt Jocketty said. 'I think Albert admitted to George that he
probably made more of it than he should have. The procedure should take
care of the 15 percent (of the condition) that hadn't recovered. ... My
understanding is: If he does have to undergo the procedure again during
the season, it should keep him out only a day or two.'

Despite discomfort that at times visibly hobbled him, Pujols hit .331
with a career-high 46 home runs while scoring 133 runs and driving in
123 runs. He finished third in MVP balloting to San Francisco Giants
left fielder Barry bonds and Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman Adrian

Pujols, who has missed only 19 games in four major league seasons, led
the Cardinals with 114 at-bats in August and 102 more in September. He
hit 17 home runs and drove in 49 runs in the season's final two months

First baseman Mark McGwire experienced the condition to such an extent
he eventually required surgery. 'If it's something that can be managed,
you prefer to avoid surgery if at all possible,' Paletta said. 'I
believe in Albert's case, it can be managed.'

Jocketty said Thursday that he also is encouraged by medical news
regarding the rest of the team's roster.

Middle reliever Julian Tavarez performed well during the Dominican
winter league after fracturing his left hand against a dugout phone in
Game 5 of the National League Championship Series. Jocketty allowed that
conservative projections have set Matt Morris' return to the starting
rotation for June, though Jocketty seemed to think a more rapid
rehabilitation possible.

Jocketty said discussions are ongoing whether the club would consider
using Morris in relief before his return to the rotation. 'It's a good
question,' he said. 'I don't think any of us have the answer right now.'

Re: followup on Albert Pujols

Ralph on 2/14/05 at 14:43 (169052)

One of the posts said he had treatment with the Ossatron Machine is that how it works with a gel filled ball? Did he have treatment in the states or the Dominican Republic?