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Orthotic and shoe problems

Posted by Geri on 2/07/05 at 12:41 (168692)

Doctors: I need new orthotics according to my new Podiatrist. My problem is I have 2 pair I cannot wear. I am 15 mos. post op tts and the bottom of my foot is extremely sensitive, as well as the top. I wear Finn comfort slidein- backout shoes. The reason I can bear these is I kick off the shoe on my surgery foot anytime I sit down. I cannot wear my Brooks 257 tennis shoes, even with the Finn inserts as a footbed. I know I cannot wear the Doctor's inserts as they are hard plastic. Soft is best for me.
My question: Do you think Power Steps would be a good option for me? My Doctor said I had slight pronation and very high arches. I have seen 2 other podiatrist's and each has sold me orthotics at a total cost of $800.00 total out of my pocket, and $400.00 more is beyond reason.
I know I need to be wearing a shoe like my Brooks tennis shoe for stable support of my foot.
I forgot to mention when my feet are painful and tired at the end of the day I change to my Birkenstock sandals and they give my feet relief for a while. I know they support my arch but do they address the pronation?
Sorry for the long post.

Re: Orthotic and shoe problems

Dr. Zuckerman on 2/07/05 at 16:59 (168707)

From your description I would try something softer such as plastizole insert so a Anti Sox gel inserts ( http://www.foot.com ) They will give excellent padding.