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Treatment Triad

Posted by Jill H. on 2/08/05 at 08:42 (168738)

Dr. Ed - I have had PF for 11 months and have done everything except ESWT and surgery. I am an atypical - no morning pain, got PF while running (one dr. said I probably tore my fasica lenghtwise). Anyway, at 11 months I am so much better than I used to be - today I rode the exercise bike for 35 min. But, I have to take it so slow and easy, too much walking (1/2 mile) can set me back. The last podiatrist I went to said ESWT is typically 70% success rate and in my case, being an atypical and the length of time, it could be less effective. I am hoping that with time, it will completely heal. Do you think this is the correct approach or should I consider ESWT?

Re: Treatment Triad

Ed Davis, DPM on 2/10/05 at 21:33 (168867)

While there is no perfect means of predictability, one thing you may consider is a good songraphic (ultrasound) exam of your fascia. If the fascia looks very thickened, I would lean toward ESWT.