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To TTrelease or not to TTrelease??

Posted by KIKI on 2/08/05 at 17:29 (168758)

I have had pain in the tarsal tunnel region for 17 months and has limited my life in this time period by limiting my prolongedf standing or walking. I can stand for 2-3 hours intermittenly and walking for about 1 hour intermitrtently. I have a big decision regarding this surgery as i fear its results basewd on difereent opinionds from doctors and all you wonderful folks on this message board.

I would like to say i have pain as my primarly symptom and have absolutley NO NUMBNESS, BURNING , OR TINGLING. MY doc who wants to perform the tt release says i can end up with these symptoms after the surgery and i dont know if i want to risk it? Any thoughts out therre would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks KIKI

Re: To TTrelease or not to TTrelease??

Dr. Z on 2/08/05 at 18:11 (168762)

Did you get an MRI of the Tarsal Tunnel Region yet?

Re: To TTrelease or not to TTrelease??

Norm on 2/08/05 at 19:44 (168765)

I had it done 10/6/04 & now I am worse than before.


Re: To TTrelease or not to TTrelease??

Geri on 2/09/05 at 07:03 (168780)

Kiki: After you have an MRI you will probably know if you have an obstruction in your tts. If you do the surgery will be probably successful. If you do not have an obstruction or varicose vein please be prepared for a long tough road to recovery. Some recover in a few months others like Norm and I are on the long road.
I do not have the walking time or standing time you do now. I had tts surgery 10-29-04, 15 mos. ago. The burning is gone but the pain in the ankle and bottom of my foot is the same. I am still hoping for an improvement, I feel like I may be on the 3 year plan. I have designed my life to include all my limitations. I still have very bad days and I also have good days. I define a good day that I take no pain meds. This is always a day I do minimum walking.
There are some on this wed site that got off their feet totally-using wchair, scooter and crutches. One I remember was Marie if you want to check her posts that go back a few years. I did not have this option as I had so much pain and burning all the time, could not sleep or walk. Now on neurontin I can sleep and do not have pain all the time, only after walking or standing. Would I do this over again? Yes.. The only change I would make is go to Dr. Dellon himself instead of a surgeon that has his testing equipment. I have had a tough time finding an aftercare Podiatrist. The surgeon that I used dismissed me after the incisions healed. You may have a fine Doctor I know but my area did not. I've been to 4 docs. and still do not feel comfortable with any of them. The pain Doctor has help me the most. Good luck, and best wishes.

Re: Dr Z re MRI

KIKI on 2/09/05 at 18:50 (168825)

Dr z,

My MRI showed FHL tenosynovitis fluid surrounding this tendon as well as FDL but more prominent in FHL. Also had nerve test which showed mild irritation to post tib nerve. No severe frank tarsal tunnel syndrome..as was told by my ortho.

Re: To TTrelease or not to TTrelease??

skully on 2/13/05 at 11:58 (168969)

I didn't.

Mine started about 8 years ago and I also have an osteochondral defect and mass. Postive MRI for varicose veins, positive nerve study for 3 branches.

I had a bad injury that predated mine. My neurologist seemed to think that as sensitive as mine was, that I had some scarring in the nerve.

The podiatrist said there was no way if he could determine that for sure unless I was dead and they dissected the nerve, but I felt in my gut that the release wouldn't work.

I don't have a lot of tingling either, some numbness but mostly pain.

I don't heal that fast, and there is no one to help me through the surgery either, and I do still have good days - would hate to lose THOSE - so I decided against it.

I got me a good walking stick and use it. That helps.