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The Crossword

Posted by Dorothy on 2/09/05 at 13:45 (168806)

You know, because of your post Richard, C.Ped, I took a look at the crossword and it caused me to wonder about the statistics referred to in the answers: For example, most of the PF patients are female (I think it said 80%); most are obese with BMI>30... those are the ones that come to mind. Yet, just from casual observation, I would speculate that those stats do not correspond to the 'population' here on heelspurs.
Plus, I wonder about the legitimacy of those stats anyway since we all know that a large number of slender, male athletes, dancers, professional and amateurs of same ilk get PF.
So I wonder about the validity of those stats. I often think that categorizing anything as being associated with 1. women and 2. (the kiss of death) fat women is a way of dismissing and discounting the importance and value of something that the researcher/doctor/'expert' doesn't know much about anyway!
We know from very recent public information that first the CDC came out with authoritative statements that obesity has surpassed tobacco use as the number one killer and the number one 'drain on the health care system'. That was ballyhooed all over the place because people love to hate someone and the most consistently acceptable object of hatred is the fat person. When the CDC admitted that they were wrong (had they lied?) and within one to two weeks after the first report had to rescind it, the correction and 'information recall' barely made any news. Just last week came a news report that alcohol kills more than tobacco - something that I have long contended but always had the 'tobacco (and more recently obesity) are the only evils...' arguments thrown at me.
There is a very neat little book called 'How to Lie with Statistics'.... and its title says all that needs to be said.

Re: The Crossword

Richard, C.Ped on 2/09/05 at 14:31 (168807)

Hey, all I wanted was the question to read something like this:

7 Down: The best and coolest C.Ped in the world. (Richard C.Ped) haha.

Re: The Crossword

Dorothy on 2/09/05 at 16:02 (168812)

Well, yes, of course; it should have that - you are right.

I was just reading the crossword in a different way and it was only that your post prompted me to look at the crossword. You are not in any way responsible for my thinking/thought processes!

Re: The Crossword

Richard, C.Ped on 2/09/05 at 16:19 (168817)

LOL!!! Whew! That is good to know. hahahahah!!! Just kidding!