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Custom made Sandals

Posted by Marty SLC on 2/14/05 at 14:28 (169051)

Does anyone know where I might be able to send in my casts and have a company make me sandals with built in orthotics? I need them because my shoes really aggravate my TTS.


Re: Custom made Sandals

Barko on 2/16/05 at 19:32 (169197)

Theres a shoe store here in northern Illinois that sells sandals that you can fit your orthotics in. The insole comes out and the orthotics fit in so you cant see them when your wearing them. If I remember tomorrow when I go for PT I'll ask them the name of the sandals. This shoe store is part of my Podiotrists office.


Re: Custom made Sandals

Buck T. on 2/24/05 at 15:51 (169814)

Hi Marty: Was in Birkenstock store yesterday and was told if I brought in rx from doctor their Pedontist (sp) could make me custom footbed for sandals. I'm going to investigate more when back in area. Not sure what they were talking about.

Sincerely, Buck T

Re: Custom made Sandals

Terri on 3/03/05 at 16:52 (170377)

I know they do them at http://www.ourfootdoctor.com

Re: Custom made Sandals

Jeremy L on 2/26/06 at 08:57 (194204)

Hi Marty ...

I am a pedorthist with a large podiatric clinic in the NC mountains. One of my specialties is in creating custom sandals for a variety of different conditions and using a wide variety of designs.

I started doing this work a few years ago while treating my kids' foot problems. With them being college students, it was clear they would wear flimsy flipflops regardless of how much worse they made their feet hurt. Those first projects were making biomechanically correct flipflops from their existing orthotic molds. As long as the temps are above 50-degrees, they wear them virtually every day.

Since then I have done a variety of different designs. I still make purely custom order flipflops (both from orthotic molds and from foot tracings). I also convert existing sandals to orthotic models. When necessary, I also place existing orthotics in sandals using removeable inserts. However in my experiences, they have never fit quite as well as my custom designs.

Much to my wife's frustration, I have yet to create a website showing my work. If you have any interest, I can email a couple pics of the sandals already made for patients. I can be reached at jezskates at yahoo.com, or at Smoky Mountain Foot Clinic at 828-452-4343.

Best of luck in your search for that perfect fit.