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1st MTP Fusion.

Posted by LaurieLou on 2/16/05 at 17:31 (169183)

I have been experiencing horrific pain in my right great toe. I had a tibial sesemoidectomy in September and I am still not healed. Well, we could say the procedure didn't work and I am still very much in pain. So...the pod now wants to do a fusion. What is your opinion of this? I am 30 years old and scared that I will lose mobility and activity in my foot. Thanks...-LL

Re: 1st MTP Fusion.

Dr. Z on 2/16/05 at 19:15 (169194)

That will depend why you have pain. Is the joint surface damaged. Is there grinding and pain with range of motion in the joint. What does the x-ray show.? Maybe you need a re-alignment/decompression procedure. May be time for a 2nd opinion if you aren't sure of what your doctor wants to do