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tarsal tunnel syndrone

Posted by Joyce S on 2/16/05 at 22:02 (169208)

I have been having sharp shooting pain that starts slightly above my right ankle and then I feel a lot of pain in my calf. The pain sometimes feels like electricity going thru my calf. I have had an mri of my back and pain specialist says that it is coming from my spine because I have a couple compressed discs in my back and some bulging discs. The pain that I feel in my calf sometimes goes up to my hip. I had an emg done and the neuroligist said the pain in my calf is coming from tarsal tunnel. I had a tarsal tunnel operation 8 years ago on left foot. The neurologist said I have tarsal tunnel in both feet. After the emg I went back to pain specialist and he said calf pain is from spine problems and has me scheduled to have an epidural on my back in 5 days. I am really confused because I heard the nueroligist say pain in calf was from tarsal tunnel. My question is can tarsal tunnel cause sharp shooting pain in my calf? My pain goes from upper ankle area and travels up my leg to hip and lower back.Walking seems to make the pain worse. JOyce