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tarsal tunnel

Posted by Joyce S on 2/16/05 at 23:11 (169219)

I have sharp shooting pain in the calf of right leg. Below my calf--high ankle area aches. Have had mri of back and emg of leg. Pain specialist says calf pain is coming from compressed disc in back pressing on nerve. Neuroligist told me calf painwas coming from tarsal tunnel. Am confused as to where pain is from. It sometimes feels like a jolt of electricity in my calf and I think I am going to fall down. Pain always starts in lower leg and travels up to hip and back. Can this be tarsal tunnel? Had left foot operated on 8 years ago for tarsal tunnel but didn't have this symptom--Pain in ankle and foot and tingling of toes. Don't have that this time. I am scheduled for an epidural in my back in 5 days. JUst really confused because one doctor said its tarsal tunnel and another said its compressed nerve in back. Can you help answer my Question? Also gets a lot worse the more I walk.