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No more Ossatrons

Posted by vince on 2/17/05 at 08:09 (169243)

Healthtronics, if my info is correct, has stopped poducing the Ossatron and has tried to develope a new model. That new model was so full of defects that it has been pulled from the market. That includes the new Lithotriptors for kidney stones. No word as too when they will be back in production.I hope it's never. Healthtonics and their business model has been bad for the ESWT industry. I also lerned that one of the major ESWT companies has stopped using their Ossatrons and is doing ESWT totaly with their Dorniers. I knew the Ossatron dinosaur was going to be extinct and it not happening too soon. Now if we can only get rid of harp seals,german cars, condors, black tailed prarie dogs, the atkins diet,rap videos, american idol,tv evangalists,all things french, tree huggers, canada, the UN, golden girl reruns, paris hilton, peta, my wife, home shopping network,joan rivers and jay leno and tv evangalists the world would be a finer place. Actually if we got rid of HSN I may be willing to keep my wife.

Re: No more Ossatrons

Dr. Zuckerman on 2/17/05 at 15:52 (169266)

Where did you hear about this??
Healthronics doesn't make the ossatron. It is manufactored in Switzerland by HTM. Healthronic is the USA distributor.
The business model for healthronics and only using an ASC is hurting the company and ESWT industry.
The positive news about ESWT is that it has a new permanent CPT code . This should be implemented in 2006. This should make alot more insurance companies covering ESWT in the year 2006.

Re: No more Ossatrons

Ed Davis, DPM on 2/18/05 at 00:08 (169291)

I agree that it was sort of a dinosaur despite the fact that it worked. As Dr. Z pointed out the Ossatron was made by HMT of Switzerland but beleieve that Healthronics actually bought out HMT so they may now add the role of a developer and manufacturer to solely being a distributor.