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To: RonB, Pauline;

Posted by milley on 2/17/05 at 11:29 (169257)

Ron, you had told me a few months back that I did not have the right to call my Dr. a crack head. Well apparently you were wrong. And maybe now you can understand why.I had the epf surgery done feb,04. A repeated abscess kept coming back, the lesion had been removed several times same Dr. After a year and no pain relief what so ever, I consulted a board certified doctor. And guess what, he did exploratory surgery Feb 14th, and guess what they found a piece of 3 inch packing guaze that has been in my foot since Feb of last year. Now, do I have your humble permission to call him a crack head now?

Re: Go ahead

SteveG on 2/17/05 at 16:17 (169269)

and call 'em a crack head

Re: Go ahead

milley on 2/17/05 at 18:11 (169279)

Thank you somebody agrees much appreciated!

Re: To: RonB, Pauline;

Fed Up Also on 2/18/05 at 08:29 (169312)

That is why they keep sucking the insurance companies for money, got to support their habit..........

Re: To: RonB, Pauline;

Dr. Zuckerman on 2/18/05 at 08:49 (169317)

Hi Milley,

I am sorry that you have gone thru this ordeal, and will pray that you do finally obtain some relief. I do have one question that is confusing too me.
Are you sure that you had a EPF plantar fasica release. This is where they make a one cm incision on the inside of the foot and then on the out side of your foot and place a scope. Never mind the question. I do believe that some doctors do place a gauge pad into the foot with the scope to clean the area for better visualization. At first I though to myself how can you get a 3inch gauge pad into a one cm incision. I just answer the question myself.

At the very least the company should be notified that this can happen and should be avoided or some type of protocol in place to prevent and or avoid this. I am surprised that the hospital let this go by. They do a gauge count with very procedure.
The question is if the gauge did come off into the foot. The scope should have seen this and they should tried to remove the gauge at the the time of the procedure.

Re: To: RonB, Pauline;

milley on 2/18/05 at 10:27 (169337)

I have had 2 epf surgerys in 9 months. From what doc can tell that it was apparently left in there between these two surgerys when I had what was believed to be a ganglion cyst removed. The site of this inscision has not healed since it was done. Very painful to walk on. The cyst came up two weeks after the first epf was done. No apparent reason why. They have debrided the inscision site about 5 times. Finally I had to have the intire inscision site reopened and removed. It was apparent something was still inside causing swelling and pain. I gave him permission to open it up and explore , the results were a piece on nontissue, about 31/2 inchs long and resembled a piece of pasta. I'm not for sure if it was from the epf surgery or cyst removal, but I am willing to bet that beings the cyst which actually was an abscess, was a result from the epf, but no way of really knowing. The mri showed no mass prior to the first epf, however two weeks later it did. This foot has cost around 60,000.00 now, After a year I have found a doc who has given me great relief. He also performed nerve entrapment release on the other side of my foot at the same time, which was a result of the first epf done. Other then the inscision sites being a little tender, I can bear more weight now then I have in a year. I highly recommendthis doctor! I think the other needs to remember to count his surgical equipment, before closing his work.