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dansko clogs

Posted by kathryn on 2/19/05 at 11:25 (169432)

hi, I'm a nurse, big fan of Dansko clogs, weekly jogger 2-3X, wearing asics, have always had good wear with them. dx myself w/ plantar fascitis from reading this site-I know that's what is going on here! could Dansko clogs be contributing to my problem? I will be really disappointed if they are! Thanks!

Re: dansko clogs

Marre on 2/19/05 at 20:08 (169462)

I'm not a doctor, but I wanted to reply because I think Dansko clogs have really helped my PF. I have heard others say this also. I find that asics aggravate my PF. It seems like most of the time people get PF either from a biomechanical issue or from overuse (in my case, I increased my mileage too much). Just my .02, good luck.

Re: dansko clogs

Rose M. on 2/22/05 at 21:47 (169669)

I'm a nurse also. I've had PF for almost 4 years. I've already went thru the cortisone shots to the heel area as well as the cuboid area both feet. I continue to do the stretching, most times it doesn't help. I sometimes ice my feet after work, tho' I've been reading mixed messages about icing here on the boards. I try to rest my feet as much as possible, but you know how nursing is! I tried Dansko clogs (not the open back ones) last October on advice from another nurse. Initially, I couldn't believe how good my feet felt. After about 4 weeks of wearing them at work, I noticed the balls of both my feet looked swollen and felt hard and I was getting a callous in the center. (I've been a nurse for almost 34 yrs., and have never had anything wrong with my feet, including never any calluses, corns, anything before the PF) Withing another 2 weeks, I had numbness from the ball of both my feet going into all my toes. I visited my doc for another health issue, and he told me to stop wearing the Dansko clogs, not to buy any new shoes and to use my other shoes for awhile, and to go back to wearing my orthotics all the time. It took almost 2 months for the numbness to go away. Right now I'm taking it day to day. I went thru 8 different pairs of shoes last year, none gave me any relief! My podiatrist said if I had surgery (which I can't as my insurance won't pay for it), he would not recommend me returning to my job in the cath lab where I'm now working

Anyway, I hope you find out if it's the clogs...you may want to visit a podiatrist before the pain gets worse!