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Some Shoe Info

Posted by Dorothy on 2/19/05 at 16:41 (169453)

Hello all -

It seems to be my week for catalog reporting.(provided a catalog lead to Julie) In today's mail came a sale catalog from a company I like, Footprints (www.footprints.com). They specialize in Birkenstocks and Danskos and have some of each on sale, including lots of Dansko Professional. The other thing I wanted to point out to the people here, for anyone interested, is a new brand that they are carrying. Maybe some of you know this brand, but it is new to me. It is called Ulu and here is what they say about it: 'Introducing Ulu. Inspired by the people and cultures of curcumpolar regions, Ulu combines a refreshing use of color and style with a contoured medium density foam footbed. With a broad toe box, Ulu won't pinch your toes. If Birkenstock is too pronounced and hard for your preference, the softer and more flexible footbed of Ulu might be just the answer.' They show several different models.

This company also carries Keen brand and has some of those on sale and also some Chaco brand. I have never worn those but recall some people here mentioning that they do and like them.

Hope someone finds this useful info.

Re: Some Shoe Info

Dorothy on 2/19/05 at 16:43 (169454)

Sorry. Any spelling errors are mine via error in typing. The word is circumpolar, not curcumpolar.