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No recovery after surgery

Posted by Mariel on 2/21/05 at 09:10 (169548)

I had bilateral tarsal tunnel release surgery on January 19, 2004. Its been more than a year from the surgery and my feet still hurts. I had therapy, custom orthotics and so on and nothing seems to help.

I'm kind of desperate since most of the patients experimented a full recovery in 10 months to one year.

My physician did the nerve conduct study, a bone scan, a lower back MRI and everything is good.

What else I can do?

I'm 24 years old and only weights 113 pounds...hope you can understand my worry and I hope to hear your recommendations.

Puerto Rico

Re: No recovery after surgery

Ed Davis, DPM on 2/21/05 at 23:03 (169610)

Your post implies that your pain may not be originating from TTS. Describe the pain that you are experiencing. Any pain upon arising in the morning?