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Birkenstocks ordering?

Posted by char on 2/21/05 at 10:04 (169553)

I need the web site for the Germany site to order Birkenstock sandles. Has anyone found some good closeout specials on there web site lately?

Re: Birkenstocks ordering?

Suzanne D. on 2/21/05 at 11:48 (169571)

http://www.gobuyeurope.com is the site you are asking about, Char. There are about 17 pages of bargains on the site. Look to the far left of the main page to click on the bargain pages.

I also found another German site for ordering Birks when I was searching for anyone who might still be carrying the 'Santee' model which is being discontinued in Germany and has not been available in the US. The address is http://www.baumhouse.com . I ordered a pair of the Santee from their site but received an e-mail in a couple of days advising me that they no longer had my size in that shoe. I was then offered 10% off any shoe on the site for my trouble. I asked a couple of questions in e-mails and always received word within two days of my e-mail. I appreciated their prompt responses and ordered a pair of Annapolis shoes. I was pleased with their service, so I thought I would pass along this additional German site to everyone here. I think the gobuyeurope site is much larger, but I liked the prompt attention I received from the baumhouse site.

Suzanne :)