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looking for cleanranced birkenstocks???

Posted by char on 2/21/05 at 10:46 (169561)

Has anyone found a clearance sale on clasic foot bed birkenstock sandles on web???
I have the classic bed arizonas, I love them, looking for any color ones to just wear out on the farm this summer. Hoping to find a good price on some, anyones that have the classic footbed. When they say birki, does that mean water proof? just wondering.

Re: looking for cleanranced birkenstocks???

Julie on 2/21/05 at 11:09 (169563)

I can't answer your question about a sale, but yes, birkis are made from a material called birkoflor, which is pretty waterproof. They do absorb some water, but aren't affected by it and dry out fairly quickly. They're useful for the pool, or the beach. But I don't think they're suitable for ordinary wear. The material is inflexible, and doesn't 'give' or conform to your feet as does leather and cork. I have a pair that I use at the pool, but I'm not comfortable in them for more than a few steps.

Re: looking for cleanranced birkenstocks???

Dorothy on 2/21/05 at 14:08 (169582)

Just yesterday or the day before, I posted about a sale at http://www.footprints.com and that they specialize in Danskos and Birkenstocks. They're a good company. They had some Birkenstocks on sale, don't recall which models. They had Danskos, Birkenstocks, Keen and Chaco on sale, certain models.