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ESWT generator

Posted by Al T on 2/22/05 at 23:09 (169671)

I would like to know how a ESWT generator works

Re: ESWT generator

elvis on 2/23/05 at 00:03 (169673)

From what I've read there are 3 ways to generate the sound waves. Here's a list from the following website:


'In industry, there are three methods applied in shockwave generation:

Electrohydraulic principle
Electromagnetic principle
Piezoelectric principle

Those three methods represent different technical philosophies which are widely discussed in the shockwave literature.'

Maybe some of the doctors who post here can tell you about the differences between the OssaTron and Dornier machines which use different methods of producing the sound waves.

Re: ESWT generator

elvis on 2/23/05 at 00:22 (169675)

Here's another good explanation from the following website. I couldn't locate it earlier. I recommend reading all of the Q&As.


'3. The Dornier Epos Ultra uses electromagnetic technology to create the shock waves. Other manufacturers use what is called 'spark gap.' We prefer the electromagnetic method because each pulse administered has a consistency of power. With a spark plug system, the shocks change slightly as the gap from the spark 'plug' (called an electrode) becomes worn from use. Electromagnetic technology delivers the same powerful shock wave time after time. This means you have a stable, consistent treatment, and what we consider a more reliable outcome.'

Re: ESWT generator

vince on 2/23/05 at 07:15 (169687)

Magetic field powered by a bank of capacitors pulse a pair of metal plates that produce the acoustic wave. In the dornier this energy is focused to a point that is represented on the ultrasound display as a crosshair enabling the doc to apply the energy very prcisely. This is the electromagnetic type. The ossatron uses a spark discharge to produce the acoustic pulse. It does not have a way to visually focus the enrgy.

Re: ESWT generator

Dr. Z on 2/24/05 at 00:54 (169770)

I really like that site.