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What is really the problem if TTS surgery did not work?

Posted by angelas on 2/23/05 at 21:55 (169756)

About 3 years ago I had very rapid onset foot pain in both feet. It also effected the knees and calves which felt very weak and a bit painful. The end of the tailbone felt like it was being pinched. Later the tops of my feet became very sensitive. The feet also sweat a lot!
FWIW, I also have Fibromyalgia. At least that is all they could not rule out. Recently I found out I have adrenal exhaustion, and other hormonal imbalances or very low levels. I am not diabetic.
I saw as many specialists as possible, and 2 podiatrists before electing to have TTS surgery.
I had an MRI of my back and x-rays of the feet and negative NVC test. Feet are not overly flat or pronated I am told by them.I had the usual conservative treatments that did not help.
I had the surgery in December on my right foot. No-one could find anything that pointed to something else, 3 said it was TTS, and I was ready to try that instead of a wheelchair I saw coming my way!

Six weeks later the Pod said it failed. And that there was nothing more he could do. So I can not go back to him for help. There are only 2 in this town. I got a first TTS opinion from the other.
My primary care physican doesn't see why I need to do anything further. Kind of just let it heal by itself.
If that is ok, fine but I don't get that feeling from this board. Wish it were that easy!
But the feet pain was/is awful! The legs and knees do not hurt or feel weak (almost like they would collapse) the same way they did at first, now there is just pain behind the knees for the last couple years.(And the feet of course!) It feels like a tendon that runs down the outside of the back of the leg is the cause of that part of the pain. (The Tibial also?)
I have muscle wasting but I just can not force myself to walk and I can not swim as the pool is too cold for my illness.

I have done PT exercises from the 3rd week on, and the pain is worse than before surgery on Dec 1, 2004. Also worse than the other foot by far. Much more sensitive and the ankle hurts now also and it did not before.
I read and posted in Julie's thread about safe exercises. Now I wanted to ask you if there is anything more I should look at regarding the feet as being the source of the pain there. Or if it must be originating from some other illness or place.
I Also wonder if you would know why the ankle hurts more now than before surgery, and also why the foot is hurting more too! At 3 months I thought I would see improvement or nothing, not it getting worse.
A PT that used to deal with wounds and burns said the scar tissue was not too bad, except in one small area. There is some Edema.
Do I need to keep doing the PT exercises? I do think I will start the Yoga Julie recommmends a link to. I do her stretches already.
Can you have PF if there is no 'first step' pain in the morning?
It will most likely be a couple months before I get to see another PT or a new primary care doctor to help me with this and ask questions about what I should be doing for my 'healing' foot, and other forms of treatment and causes for this pain.
Whew, hope this makes some sense. The wording and spelling gets worse the more tired I get. Goodnight! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!
Thank you very much!

Re: not much, other than not getting relief

elliott on 2/23/05 at 23:10 (169757)

assuming that's all that happens from the surgery.

Angelas, did your initial symptoms include specifically a sickening feeling of a nerve being entrapped at your inner ankle? Did the symptoms occur in both feet simultaneously?

Re: not much, other than not getting relief

angelas on 2/24/05 at 20:50 (169845)

Yes the extreme pain on the bottom of the feet happened in both feet at the same time. Before that I always had sore feet but nothing I could not manage though it was getting worse.
The pain on the inside of the ankles was also there, but that started longer ago, over a period of time (years). It just felt more like an irritation that I blamed on the shoes I bought. Lots of shoes. It also got progressively worse.
I also started having heel pain during that time. Both feet, back of the heels that felt like blisters. One heel actually bled. Again I blamed it on a new pair of boots.
Then one morning I woke up and it was agony to stand as the bottoms were so painful.

Re: not much, other than not getting relief

angelas on 2/24/05 at 20:58 (169846)

Hello again,
Now that I have had other entrapped nerves, ie; Carpel, etc., I would say some of the symptoms remind me of the early stages of the foot pain.

The best I can describe it initially is like needles, or thorns rubbing, pricking, the inside of the ankles.
When the really bad pain started on the bottom of the feet, there was also the senstation of pins and needles, numbness, burning, cold, and or the feeling of the circulation being cut off in the feet, especially when sitting down.

Re: not much, other than not getting relief

elliott on 2/25/05 at 09:14 (169861)

Angelas, when people complain of symptoms in both feet occurring simutaneously, in my mind that should be a warning that maybe something else is going on, and that TTS surgery may not work. After all, TTS is entrapment of a nerve in a specific location, due to things like an obstruction pressing there, or stretching of the nerve. Why should it happen in both feet at the same time unless there's some kind of peripheral neuropathy related to some kind of desease, it's coming from the back, or whatever? Try and see some other more knowledgeable docs if possible for more opinions. Good luck.


Re: not much, other than not getting relief

Vern on 2/25/05 at 10:14 (169867)

I have had pain in both feet for several years. Did ALL the tests with few conclusions. Went back to my GP yesterday regarding the frustration. He ordered a MRI for my back, saying if there is not a clear cause in the feet, then the back in the next logical choice. We will see.

Re: not much, other than not getting relief

messed up foot on 4/10/05 at 10:33 (172912)

I know this is a very late response but please see a Neurologist! What you are describing sounds very much like a rare neuro condition called Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP for short). It can be effectively treated! I am not a doctor but I am a nurse with experience in dealing with CIDP. As the previous respondent noted, there are many peripheral neuropathies to consider and a good Neurologist is a must for your condition!

Since it is rare, docs don't consider it as a differential diagnosis and frankly, very few even know what it is or that it exists. Please respond and let us know how you are doing!