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Bilateral Big Toe Implant Surgery

Posted by Helen on 2/24/05 at 13:54 (169805)

I have had bilateral big toe implant surgery postop one year and one half. The implants never worked right because of adhesions. The doctors now tell me the other toes have become hammertoes and I can hardly walk right and I have terrific lower back and hip pain. How could this happen? Would a computerized motion analysis help me back to normal? Thanks

Re: Bilateral Big Toe Implant Surgery

Helen on 2/24/05 at 14:08 (169806)

I'm planning to go to Philadelphia PA to Temple University to get a motion analysis. Do you think that will pinpoint the cause? I have had an MRI of my back and the doctors think that the feet are the cause of the problem. I walk around like I have spinal stenosis but I don't. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks