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foot pain -tarsel tunnel

Posted by Amy on 2/25/05 at 20:54 (169926)

Hi Doctors -

I have been having heel/ankle pain since last August and have run the gamut of conservative treatments. My pain started as classic PF pain - first step, due to increasing running mileage too quickly. I ended up at the Podiatrist and was cast for orthotics. I went through three pair of rigid orthotics throughout the fall and January - none seemed to help and infact my condition has changed for the worse - all due (in my humble opinion) to poorly made orthtics.
I had an MRI in Dec which showed moderate FHL tenosynovitis. My orthopedic didn't really know what to do with that - he said 'only ballet dancers get that' and wrote me a script for PT - which didn't help. I now have bilateral pain and I can get a posistive tinels sign in both feet after I have been on them (not first thing in the morning). I am thinking now that I have TTS and am wondering if it is the swelling in the FHL that causes this as the day goes on? My feet burn at night and I do get tingly sensations as the day goes on.
I am working with a foot ankle ortho now - who still won't acknowledge the tarsel tunnel signs I am having. He believes it is still PF (I don't have first step pain). He has ordered a bone scan and a ultrasound. Will these help in the diagnosis of TTS? Or do I need the nerve conduction test? Also, if it is the FHL swelling, can a cortisone shot reduce the inflamation or am I looking at surgery?
Sorry for the great length, would appreciate any advice -

Re: foot pain -tarsel tunnel

FLAsouth on 8/10/06 at 14:13 (206904)

Hi Amy,
What was the outcome...if you read my history it is almost a ditto to yours only I have not had orthotics, PT, or cortisone shot only because gut instincts tell me I will still have pain?
thanks for any reply,
Not running in FLA.