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Question for Doctors about orthotics

Posted by Sharon B. on 2/26/05 at 22:07 (169997)

My husband has had PF since Nov. 03. Had ESWT 3 weeks ago. So far no significant improvement. He has worn hard orthotics for 15 years. His current doctor that did the ESWT suggested soft orthotics. He tried them but the pain was unbearable. The hard ones aren't helping either apparently ,so he's at the point where he's wondering if he should just stop wearing them altogether. It seems that just stopping the orthotics should stretch the plantar fascia. What is your opinion of this?? He will sometimes stop wearing them for a couple of days and it is painful, but he wanted to know that if he could just get through it if it might be better later. I know I've seen on here that orthotics are recommended, but they are doing no good whatsover for him. He had new ones made a couple of months after the initial pain started, so they do fit.

He's tried other over-the-counter inserts, heel cups, taping...everything.

Re: Question for Doctors about orthotics

Dr. Z on 2/26/05 at 22:46 (169998)

Very hard to give you an answer. Why were the orthosis dispensed. Does he have first step morning pain. Is there any nerve involvement Very strange that no orthosis help including tape. Are the sure he JUST has plantar fasciitis and not some other condition such as TTS and or nerve damage

Re: Question for Doctors about orthotics

Sharon B. on 2/27/05 at 09:07 (170016)

He originally got the orthotics because of arch pain. I never trusted that doctor because I went to him once for something minor in my foot and he said I needed orthotics. He sold them to everyone. (this is the doctor that told him he needed major reconstructive surgery because of his high arch. 5 others didn't agree.) Anyway, we found out years later from another doctor that my husband probably only needed the right shoe size and probably hadn't needed orthotics. Now that he's worn them so long his feet would start hurting (talking about before PF) if he took them off.

He doesn't have first step morning pain. It takes his feet a little time in the morning to start hurting. Usually once he steps on the concrete at work.

If he takes the orthotics out of his shoes while sitting, his feet sometimes have no pain. If he leaves them in while sitting, his feet will hurt. However, when he gets up to walk without the orthotics, his feet hurt without them....really bad by about the 3rd day.

He has seen 6 doctors and once we heard of TTS he asked one about possibly having it. The doctor examined him, but no tests, and said he didn't have any nerve problem because he didn't have the correct symptoms.

We are second guessing everything these days.