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Posted by ray on 2/27/05 at 11:06 (170027)

im going on 9 mo from my open planter facittis surgery im still in pain but evey mo a little better not much inch by inch i finally got my medical ins and the owner of my job died from cancer yesterdad but ill try to keep my ins i seen my P.C.P. and he said thies surgerys take a long time to heal he said the pain could be from something im not sure how he explained it but something trying to fight off the scare tissue he said i have very good circulation and no blood clots and good flexalility in foot and ankle he sent me to a foot dr in north hollywood name dr stien he said no body know whats with foot once you had p.f. surgery he said thier a new thing call shock wave therphy if i herd of it i said yes on this web sight he said o how were the resuits now he's a joke anyways he put in a request for some soft orthics as mine are hard and for phyical therphy (QUESTION IS DO I NEED A URTRA SOUND OR MRI OF FOOT TO SEE WHARE SCARE TISSUE IS SO P.T. KNOWS WHARE TO WORK) now i also have sore calf could that be from standing differently or walking differently


Dr. Z on 2/27/05 at 18:17 (170072)

The fact that you are getting better is good, even if it is very slow. Yes this is going to take one year or more to heal. Physical therapy could help you to control pain. Being on your feet is a factor but it appears you have no choice. An MRI isn't going to assist your physical therapist.
Get that sore calf check out. This is a tough road but it appears you are getting there