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Pain in Ball of Foot

Posted by cathie w on 2/27/05 at 20:29 (170088)

I recently had surgery end of October for a neuroma. Since then, what ever my pain was before the surgery is nothing compared to the discomfort and constant pain I feel now. The ball of my foot is mostly numb to any light touch but pretty much constantly aches while at rest and full of pain & discomfort once I put any weight on it. Talk about walking on marbles! You can see the bruising and lumps. Not only do the doctors think I have a 2nd neuroma on the same foot (that if I opp for another surgery - that is something they will not do for another year) they say I have no padding left in the ball of my foot between the bones & joints and the skin of my foot. Seems the soft tissue around my joints is inflamed for so I just started seeing a physical therapist for some ultrasound treatment with a bleak outcome. I no longer go shopping and browse, walk the dog, go to the park, etc....or do much of anything else that requires more then a short 1/2 block walk in total. Doing the grocery shopping is done in short trips. My doctors have already told me I will never work on my feet, dance, hike, run, ice skate or do anything else of that caliber. Anyone want a really nice treadmill? I am not happy with this outlook, tends to be very depressing, but I am not giving up hope. You would think that if all else fails, they seem to be able to perform miracles with plastic surgery - why not take some fat from the butt and put it in my foot?

As a result of this no padding on the ball of my foot problem, of course I walk differently resulting in numerous muscle problems beginning to crop up in my arch, ankle, etc....My toes are deforming now adding more pressure to the ball of the foot. Doing non weight bearing exercises for these problems. To soon to tell if they help any. Wishing I hadn't had the neuroma surgery now. Before the surgery I could walk a couple of blocks before the burning pain would start and I never had that sensation of walking on marbles. Now the pain is with every step and oh so sensitive to cold that I can no longer do ice treatment and you can actually see the bruised swollen MARBLES (which is actually the soft tissue around the joints that is inflamed.)

Does anyone else have this problem? If so have you found any relief? Guess I am looking for any information I can get and someone to talk to who is in the same boat. Do the shoe inserts help any? Is there no cure for this problem?

Re: Pain in Ball of Foot

Dr. Z on 2/27/05 at 20:34 (170089)

I would try a metatarsal pad placed behind all of the bones to lift them up. I have found this to be very helpful. It is very important to know where to place them

Is the neuroma in the same place or in another web space?

Re: Pain in Ball of Foot

cathie w on 2/28/05 at 18:13 (170175)

My neuroma is in the same foot as the surgery for my first neuroma but in a different web sight at the toe next to the big toe. The marbles or I should be saying the swelling of the soft tissue around the toe/foot joints is at every toe but the big toe. You can see the black & blue marks as well as a lump at each one and the entire ball of the foot is swollen with a tough grizzle-like feeling running along the outside edges of the ball of the foot other then in the big toe area (the pad of the foot is fine in that area). My toes are curlying up and under from the swelling and I actually have wrinkiles that are forming on the top of my foot from the toes curling. Since the pad of my foot is perfectly normal in the big toe area, could the problems in the rest of the pad somehow be a result from having had the neuromas for so long or from the surgery itself? I have had these neuromas for just over 15 years and the one I had surgery on was rated 8 1/2.