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PF and orthotics

Posted by Kaye M. on 2/28/05 at 06:14 (170113)

Is it possible to 'outgrow' orthotics, or require periodic adjustments? I was diagnosed with PF in August, 2004, and fitted for orthotics in October. These really helped, especially on long walks. Recently, even though the pain from the PF has considerably lessened (due to conservative treatments such as ultrasound), my orthotics have become extremely uncomfortable. Should I return to my podiatrist for a new prescription? Go back to the orthotics specialist for an adjustment?

Re: PF and orthotics

Richard, C.Ped on 2/28/05 at 08:10 (170121)

There can be different situations that require adjustments or even a new pair. If you were casted with any inflammation, then as the swelling goes down, the orthosis may not fit the same. It is possible for the orthosis to break down and not give you the proper support that it did when you first received them. I would go back to the person who dispensed them to see what they think.