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New exercise post: attention, Kathy, Suzanne, Carole, Dorothy, Judy

Posted by Julie on 2/28/05 at 09:59 (170131)

...and anyone else who mentions/recommends the yoga foot exercises.

I have redone the post, incorporating the plantar fascia stretch and a link to Mike Wilmot's website. There are now two link phrases to this post: Safe exercise for PF, and Foot Yoga. When you are directing people to the exercises, please use one of the new link phrases, instead of 'Julie's yoga exercises'. The word 'Yoga' will no longer show up as a link.

Scott has left the old Plantar Fascia Stretch post in place, and that is still the link phrase to that exercise (which now appears in two places, which is good.)

I will post this message on the social board too.