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WalkFits - no more pain!

Posted by Sher on 2/28/05 at 16:12 (170163)

Hi everyone,

I have some great news – I believe that I'm either cured, or can at least keep the pain in check after all these years because of WalkFit orthotics. First, I have nothing to do with them and don't get any money for talking about them. I have suffered with PF since 2000. I have seen podiatrists, I've bought and tried just about everything, I've spent tons of money on custom made orthotics, meds, Birks, Mephistos, casts, you name it.

I was up late one night surfing around the tv channels and I surfed right into WalkFit's infomercial. It showed crowds of people standing on them and singing the praises for them. They also showed a stick figure graphic showing how when we walk badly, our whole body gets out of kilter. These orthotics of course fix all that. My husband changed the channel and I said go back I just want to see the rest of it. So we watched and laughed and said ‘yea right', and I said what the heck it's only $20. I was sure to call within the 20 minutes so I could get the extras and figured if they didn't do anything it wouldn't be that much lost. I called and ordered a pair and even paid the $9 extra to get them sooner.

The infomercial shows that these are special because they sort of spring and absorb the shock. They also have a low, medium, and high pad that you place into the orthotic. I thought that was kind of unique. They arrived and already had the low pad in them. I put them in my sneakers and then put them on. I thought there can't possibly be anything more uncomfortable than that. I didn't do much walking, just wore them around the house. After about an hour they didn't feel quite as bad but I took them off and waited for my familiar friend, pain.

But there was no pain. I wasn't believing this already, but I wore them to work, wore them for a couple hours and slipped on my Birks for the rest of the day. I wore the orthotics home, took them off and there was still no pain. I was starting to be amazed.

Ok, to make a long story short here it is 10 days later and the pain is still gone, and today I'm still not believing it. I get up out of bed every morning and there is no pain! I'm so happy I don't know what to do, except to get to work and tell all my friends. I've offered to let them take the orthotics home to give them a try, but they just go ahead and order a pair. So there are a few of us who are still testing them out.

I swear, I don't know what to do with myself because these $20 orthotics have given my life back. I don't have to wear them all the time either, just an hour here and there. Yesterday I went shopping for a few hours and there is still no pain. I feel rejuvenated, I have much more energy, I sleep less, and I just feel like a new person. It's awesome to be able to walk without pain. I'm in such a good mood and just want to be awake every second to enjoy my new life. I ordered another pair because I don't ever ever ever want to be without these! It is so incredibly wonderful to walk without pain!!! If anyone is at the end of their rope, I'd say please just try these. Here's the link: http://www.walkfit.com

Re: WalkFits - no more pain!

BLT on 3/02/05 at 16:37 (170312)

That is a nice story glad they worked. They dont 'fix' your posture or change anything structure wise. They support your feet and are a generic shape. Buy them and try them if you like because it is better than getting scammed by a goodfeet for $215 but dont beleive all the showmanship and claims of the ad

Re: WalkFits - no more pain!

BLT on 3/02/05 at 16:39 (170313)

Just pointing out some things when I see a first post that has a story and a link

Re: WalkFits - no more pain!

jorge b.r. on 3/03/05 at 04:43 (170337)

i have a lot of pain in my heal every time i walk

Re: WalkFits - no more pain!

John D on 12/16/05 at 16:12 (189773)

Have just received two pair of inserts. There is no marking as to which left and which is right, or are they for John or Mary Jane Dlouhy. Advise