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Sleepers with good support for usage at home

Posted by Sid on 2/28/05 at 20:39 (170184)

I need recommendation for sleepers for mens to use at home that provide good support. My wife bought birkenstock for herself and she really likes it. I guess my foot has a bit uncommon proportion arch length. Length of my foot-arch is a bit long and toes are shorter so the 8.5 birkenstock sandal works for me for overall length but the arch-support does not come under the arch properly. If I use size 10 sandal then the arch-support comes under the arch but the toe-bridge does not come under the right area. What are my options?

Re: Sleepers with good support for usage at home

Suzanne D. on 3/01/05 at 15:19 (170222)

Sid, I think I know what you mean. In my Arizona sandals, I keep sliding my foot forward so that the arch will be in the correct place. This makes my toes begin to hang off the end of the sandal. But a size larger doesn't really help, either.

All I can say is that there are many types of Birkenstocks, and they seem to vary greatly in how they fit. I have found other Birks that fit my foot much better than the Arizonas. If you could go to a Birkenstock store where you might try on several options, perhaps you could find a pair that would give you support and work as slippers for around the house.

Good luck!
Suzanne :)

Re: Sleepers with good support for usage at home

Buck T. on 3/01/05 at 19:16 (170239)

Hi Sid: The arches in the Birkenstock sandals don't give me support either. I have pf and after reading posts here, thought they were a sure thing.

Sincerely, Buck T.