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Dorothy, re my computer

Posted by Julie on 3/01/05 at 05:33 (170194)

Hi Dorothy

Thank you very much for your offer of help. I'm responding (gratefully) on the Social Board instead of on the Treatments board.

My computer is a two-year-old iMac, and the problem is that the 'Send' option has disappeared from my Mail programme (it's a programme that came installed with the computer). John H emailed a copy of the latest version of the programme and I downloaded it, but cannot open it.

When I reported this to John, he gave me this advice (which I haven't yet acted upon as it was late last night and I've been out all morning):

Julie: If I were near by I could run some utilities and probably solve your problem but alas I am in Little Rock. The only thing I can suggest is to reboot your computer from one of the Disks that came with your computer. You can only repair your disk if you have started it up from some other source such as the disk that came with you computer. If one of those disc has your Operating System on it then it will probably work. You do that by inserting disk and restarting while holding down the 'C' key. After this go to your Hard Drive-Applications-Utilities and then to Disk Utility. Open this up and select your hard drive. You will then be presented with Disk First Aid which you can run. It will repair a lot of errors some of which may be your problem. Make sure you have the Disk First Aid in your Utility Folder before you start. You probably have several Disk that came with you computer and I am not sure which one it will boot from but one of them will boot it up when doing a restart while holding down the 'C' key. The computer is much like a car in that you need to run some utilities on a regular basis to keep it in shape. I think if you had Disk Warrior or knew someone who has it you could run it and probably solve your problems. You probably have some directory or preference problems.

So that is John's diagnosis. I am just about to find the disk, or try to, and then grit my teeth and repress my terrors (about doing anything to the computer other than type words and read other people's words) and try to do as he says. I am not optimistic (because of my own incompetence with computers, not because of John's counsel!) so if your lovely husband can offer any advice I shall be grateful to have it.

Yes, it is frustrating: I feel a bit cut off. I can send emails from my ISP's server, but it's cumbersome and there is a time limit, and I don't feel as though I'm 'communicating' when I use that facility. And I don't get to have a copy of what I've sent.

Many thanks, Dorothy. It's funny that we so often coincide on the board in my early morning/your late night - just as I wake up and you go to bed.

Re: Dorothy, re my computer

Dorothy on 3/01/05 at 11:19 (170201)

Julie - That's what I thought I remembered but was not sure of - that you work on a Mac. I'm afraid that's not the area of familiarity so I will have to un-volunteer him (he didn't even know he had been tentatively volunteered). I'm sorry I asked you to reiterate your problems unnecessarily, as it turns out, but I thought it might save some time in the long run - if he could help.
My apologies and I wish we could have helped. I hope you get it resolved soon.
(He is a lovely husband even so.... :-) )

Best of luck to you -