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thought of you all yesterday!

Posted by Carole C in NOLA on 3/01/05 at 17:33 (170232)

I had to fly to Houston and back yesterday, for a meeting. I remembered our discussions about the little train that could, and how we suggested that Dorothy could think of a plane as being like a train. And I thought that this 'cattle car' commuter plane was really very much like a train.

Then I thought of Wendy's former fear of flying. I looked out the window at the lights glimmering below, and tried to imagine what it must have been like for her.

We've been through a lot together, haven't we.

My feet don't hurt, but gosh the rest of me sure does! I'm sure Kathy can relate to that, with her arthritis.

If John had been up there, he probably would have been critiquing the pilot's flying (and recounting his own flight stories).

And if Suzanne had been on that plane, she would have brought a caring and human dimension even to that 'cattle car' full of seemingly anonymous travelers.

We were stuck on the runway for an hour in Houston, due to failure of the runway lights in New Orleans. Judy probably would have been pacing up and down when possible!

I also thought of Julie, marie, and others. Even Elliott, and wondered if he would think this post was hopelessly sappy and sentimental.

Love to all,

Carole C

Re: thought of you all yesterday!

Suzanne D. on 3/01/05 at 17:44 (170234)

Yes, we have certainly been through a lot together, Carole! That was a good way to put it. It continues to amaze me - all of us from all over the world in such different circumstances and yet united together in so many ways.

Tomorrow is 'Read Across America Day' - in honor of the late Dr. Seuss' birthday. We are reading Dr. Seuss books this week, and yesterday I read to my class The Foot Book . I smiled to myself as I read it, thinking of all of you!

Suzanne :)

Re: thought of you all yesterday!

Dorothy on 3/01/05 at 20:24 (170241)

Carole C -

I know just how you feel and you described it so beautifully.

Love to you, too!

Welcome back to terra firma. Now you can stretch and relax.

Re: thought of you all yesterday!

wendyn on 3/01/05 at 23:42 (170248)

Carole - how nice to know you were thinking of all of us!

Re: thought of you all yesterday!

Julie on 3/02/05 at 02:46 (170257)

Thank you for telling us, Carole. The links are indeed strong.

I often feel that I 'know' people with whom I have only communicated in cyberspace better than I do some of the people I 'really know'. It's extraordinary, isn't it - an experience that has changed our lives so much, yet that nobody ever had before the last few years.

Thanks again!

:) :) :) and (((( hugs)))) for everyone, even (especially) Elliott.

Re: thought of you all yesterday!

Kathy G on 3/02/05 at 16:41 (170315)


I hope the aching has eased up! An hour in a plane - oh, I wouldn't like that at all. I'm claustrophobic so it would have to be a pretty big plane. Did I ever mention how my son dealt with his claustrophobia? He didn't know he suffered from it and he had to have an MRI. Well, he's skinny but six feet tall and he found the quarters a bit confining. Actually, he told me he figured he had two choices: he could totally lose it and then have to come back and have it done another time when they could give him some drug to calm him, or he could go to sleep! So, he went to sleep! And he's an insomniac who can't take naps! I thought it was hilarious! I don't think I'd have his self-control!

There's a perfect example of how we've become friends. This is a story I shared with my friends who know him. And you've all become my friends, too. It's so neat. I get strange looks from people when I say something about my internet friend in England, or my friend in Kentucky, or my friend in Little Rock or New Orleans.

Someone asked how I knew who I was really talking to? I had to nicely point out that few people would pose as someone who has PF to talk to a fifty-five year old woman in NH!

Yes, Julie, it's amazing and I marvel at it everyday!

Re: thought of you all yesterday!

JudyS on 3/04/05 at 02:22 (170404)

Carole - while I was pacing I'd have talked someone, probably John H, into tossing a softball around in the cabin......

Re: thought of you all yesterday!

elliott on 3/04/05 at 10:39 (170422)

Hey, thanks, Carole C! I mean that. The last thing I would have expected too. I never even click on a lot of the Social threads, cause I expect them to be, how does that go, hopelessly sappy and sentimental. Based on the thread title, I was going to let this one go. I only belatedly took a look to see if it had anything to do with or shed light on that little spat going on. Guess not, but see, good can come out of a spat. :-) Anyway, appreciate it. But now this is getting hopelessly sappy and sentimental. :-)


Re: thought of you all yesterday!

Julie on 3/04/05 at 10:48 (170423)

Elliott, I knew there was really a big softie in there. I said just that to Wendy the other day.

We appreciate you too.


Oops. I really meant :-)

How are you getting along?

Re: thought of you all yesterday!

Suzanne D. on 3/05/05 at 13:54 (170524)

Elliott, although I imagine I am in the 'hopelssly sappy and sentimental' category with most of my posts, I do think of you often. I have been hoping to hear that you are recovering well from your surgery.

Suzanne :)(sorry; I just have to use the yellow smiley faces!)