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Sitting at a desk all day.

Posted by Terri on 3/03/05 at 12:41 (170362)

Does anyone else that has PF (and no indication that anything else is wrong) have heel soreness/burning in their foot while they are sitting?

Re: Sitting at a desk all day.

Monte on 3/03/05 at 13:36 (170369)

I have a desk job and my feet will burn and hurt after I have spent time on them either going to lunch or to a meeting. When I sit, they have a strange tired feeling and some buring.

I think the burn, not severe, is like an over worked muscle feel

Re: Sitting at a desk all day.

Vern on 3/04/05 at 10:19 (170419)

You are not alone. Sitting or standing, mine burn. The recliner is my best friend.
Oddly, they feel better with a few minutes on a tennis court. Maybe increased circulation helps.