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My PT's Approach to TTS

Posted by Darlene on 3/03/05 at 13:52 (170371)

My PT suggested daily stretching of the ligament that covers the tarsal tunnel. This would make more room in the 'tunnel.'

Has anyone else tried this?

Re: My PT's Approach to TTS

F. A. on 3/06/05 at 18:54 (170589)

But,.. How you do a stretch of the ligament that covers the
Tarsal Tunnel?... What type of stretch 'movement' are done(and without hurting more the nerve?)....
Please advice.

Re: My PT's Approach to TTS

Darlene on 3/07/05 at 12:59 (170615)

Basically you simultaneously push on the inner ankle bone and the bottom side of the heel. My pod approved of this. I try to do it after a hot bath when everything is more flexible.

Re: My PT's Approach to TTS

F.A. on 3/07/05 at 13:28 (170618)

Thanks for the info.
Im going to consult the same with my Doctor in order to see if I can
perform that type of streching in particular.
I've been fighting (VERY ! hard) with TTS,(Bilateral !),for 6 months!!!
I've been trying as much as possible to avoid surgery at all costs!, so I been looking for any options/alternatives that may take me out of the mentioned condition without any surgery.
Through Prolotherapy (with many injections!)I was finally able to get free of the condition on my right ankle!! However ,I still fighting quite hard ! to get free the left ankle,...


Re: My PT's Approach to TTS

Amy on 3/07/05 at 17:24 (170640)

what is your tts due to? I would like to hear more about your prolotherapy - I too have bilateral tts pain

Re: My PT's Approach to TTS

Darlene on 3/07/05 at 17:27 (170641)

Do you know what caused your TTS?
What are your symptoms?
I don't understand how prolotherapy would work. I understand that it tightens up ligaments, but in this case don't we want to loosen the ligament?

Re: My PT's Approach to TTS

F.A. on 3/08/05 at 13:16 (170705)

Due to trauma while excercising at the Gym on a machine in which while standing on the same you excercice the calves muscles by lifting the heavy weight with the front part of both feets.
One of the two Foot and Ankle Surgeons that I went to, wanted me to have
surgery. But,the other Dr. (even the nerve conduction test gave positive for TTS)was not sure if really needed the surgery,and just placed me in Neurontin 300MG,.. later on 600MG, and so on.
I decided to look for a better solution than taking tons of Neurontin
and been drowsy all day.
Found a very good Spine,Sports and manual Medicine Clinic.
There,the Doctor, (who speciality is Sports Medicine),put me in physical therapy, combined with Prolotherapy.

I got rid of the TT on my right ankle,...now one more to go!

Re: My PT's Approach to TTS

F.A. on 3/08/05 at 13:42 (170712)

Again,it was caused by trauma, while doing exercises at the gym on a machine in which I excercised the calves muscles while standing on the said machine and lifting the heavy weight with the front and half portion of both of my feets.

I have used physical Therapy combined with Prolotherapy at a Spine,Sports and Manual Medicine Clinic.

What I was told by the Dr. is that in Prolotherapy cortisone is not injected.
They use dextrose(which tends to help the body to heal itself).
For me, it have given results, as I got my right ankle free of TT.
But,be aware, this is something that(at least for me) is not something that I achieved in one day or two.
It have taken a lot of time, physical therapy,and injections too.
In my specific case I decided to give myself all the opportunities
that I could, as my job requires a lot of standing, walking.
The symptoms I had on both feet were specially numb toes, burning feet, pain, etc.
The symptoms on the right feet, and ankle are gone.
On the left, they have decreased considerably.
To the point that Im able to run again ! YEEESSS!!!!

Re: My PT's Approach to TTS

James M. on 3/14/05 at 10:51 (171171)

That's great about your right ankle. I've been battling TTS for a long time now and nothing seems to work-- would you mind telling me more about Prolotherapy? What does it entail?

Re: My PT's Approach to TTS

F A on 3/15/05 at 22:29 (171273)

the injected solution starts a reaction that helps and stimulates the body own healing and decreases pain,...but indeed it is not an overnight cure.I've been on prolo for 6 months!!!...and still fighting now the TT
on my left ankle,..!Even so, Im able to function without pain.
What bothers me more is the damn numb, or tingling sensation on the toes!

Re: My PT's Approach to TTS

JorgeB. on 4/03/05 at 20:33 (172519)

F.A.Can you please tell me what is Prolotherapy?.