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Posted by Scott R on 3/03/05 at 18:38 (170386)

  1. Only one person besides myself currently has the ability to edit and delete posts. I can't remember who it is, but i know they've done a good job which means they have only deleted the clearly 'does not belong posts' and made it odvious when they edited a post, and gave a reason for deletion on the few occasions that might have needed an explanation.
  2. Julie has pointed out some of vince's bad posts and there were a couple that crossed my 'Be Nice' line. I may have blocked him if he were not using a somewhat hard-to-block set-up.
  3. Vince's posts are often on and even over the line of social decency, and like a few others here who do not have a lot of class, I find some of his comments entertaining and refreshing from the mushy feel of the board that my be nice rule encourages.
  4. The thing that can cause permanent blocking without notice are comments to newcomers that do nothing but harm the newcomer to the pleasure of the twisted poster.
  5. If you have a complaint about a post, always email me the URL of the post or reply to the offending post with 'scottr' in the message. You don't even have to type anything. Just show me the post and I'll decide. I look carefully at everything that comes my way.
  6. I took dorothy's post seriously. It seems the large majority either doesn't remember vince's posts, or they aren't bothered enough to vote against him.
  7. If vince were mean and a little sick in the head, he would call for a vote on Dorothy. Or he's REALLY sick in the head and just wants to keep Dorothy around for his own twisted entertainment. Or maybe he's more normal than we think and likes the idea of freedom of speech. Or maybe he just doesn't care. My guess is that he's all of the above and will flip a coin to decide.

Re: Clarifications

Julie on 3/04/05 at 04:50 (170410)

Scott, thank you for this. I'm relieved to know that you felt as I did that some of Vince's post had crossed the 'be nice' line, and am glad you took Dorothy's post seriously.

I don't think that the absence of votes is any indication of what the majority feel or don't feel: I suspect it's more likely that folks are keeping their heads down on a thread that could break into conflict.

Anyway, I hope what you've said will give Vince pause for thought. He does have useful information to offer: he just sometimes seems to want to inflict hurt. Maybe he's just dyspeptic.

Re: Clarifications

vince on 3/05/05 at 07:55 (170495)

Yes it was a case of dispepsia. My wife made dinner that night using a recipe from a cookbook titled 'Gourmet English Cooking'.