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I'll try again, question for Dr.

Posted by Robert B. on 3/03/05 at 21:10 (170395)

Is it normal to get bruising, large black/blue spots and pain within 12 hours of steriod shot? My Dr. also attempted to inject some steriod into scarring from a previous heel spur surgery that is causing nerve entrapment but could get the needle in, he mentioned Phonophoresis therapy, any comments?

Re: I'll try again, question for Dr.

Dr. David S. Wander on 3/04/05 at 14:36 (170448)

It isn't normal, but it can happen. Any time an injection is given some blood vessels may have been 'hit' causing bruising and 'black and blue' areas. Sometimes there is increased pain for 24 hours following the injection. If there is a lot of scar tissue, it can be difficult to get a needle through the tissue or difficult to inject through the tissue. Phonophoresis/iontophoresis is a form of physical therapy and may be beneficial, with few if any side effects. Discuss your concerns with your doctor.

Re: I'll try again, question for Dr.

alma s on 3/06/05 at 05:39 (170558)

dr david
i had heel surgery a little over a year ago. my heel still hurts as bad or even worse than before surgery. my doctor has been giving me heel shots for over six months, and has ordered eight hundred mill. of ibruprophin three times a day. my regular doctor told me to stop doing all of this because it could cause me to have caderacts and damage my bones. i had just gotton diagnosed with caderacts when she told me this .the heel surgery was done not under the foot but behind the heel, like the bottom part of my ancle, behind on the heel, or on top of the heel. the doctor of my heel says it's inflamed and he doesn't know what exactly to do about it, he said he could go into it by surgery and cut some more bone off. i don't want this. please can you help me?