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Posted by Amy on 3/05/05 at 10:24 (170504)

I have bilateral tarsal tunnel symptoms in both feet which my physician believes is a result of tears in my flexor hallicus longus tendons and the fluid leaking is compressing the nerves. Anyway he wants to repair the tendons and do a tarsal tunnel release. On both feet - not at the same time. Needless to say I am getting a second opinion. I am having an emg on the 18th to rule out other peripheral nerve conditions and i am pushing for new MRIs on both feet - the last one I had was in december which showed FHL tenosynovitis in my right foot. Anyway, I am really depressed at the prospect of surgery - I have a nine month old and a three year old, so its not really going to be easy. Any thoughts from anyone would be appreciated.

Re: surgery?

Darlene on 3/05/05 at 14:30 (170528)

Since you cannot 'undo' surgery, it makes sense to have new MRI's on both feet.
Note that EMG's are not very accurate for TTS - lots of false negatives, but few false positives.
What are you symptoms.

Re: surgery?

Amy on 3/05/05 at 15:04 (170530)

pain in the arch - along the course of the fhl. Also positive tinel's sign when I have been on my feet - not when I arise or have been resting for a while. burning pain is predominant.

Re: surgery?

Ralph on 3/05/05 at 16:38 (170535)

I'm not a doctor just a poster like yourself, however, I've been using Scott's search on this site to read back posts and learn what others have said on different subjects.

I'd highly suggest you do your own search on the surgery that is being suggested to you. Use Scott's site and then surf the internet. There is also a Tarsal tab on this site where you can ask questions too.

I don't know much about this condition but the little I've read is that you need an outstanding doctor who knows what they are doing and that the success rate doesn't seem to be very high.

I can't provide you with any more information on your condition, but I'd highly recommend that you not take this surgery lightly.