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Posted by jenniferjuniper on 3/05/05 at 16:01 (170532)

Anyone try acupuncture for PF, or know of anyone who has given it a whirl?I have tried 2 sessions, and there has been some relief. Thanks!

Re: Accupuncture

SteveG on 3/05/05 at 18:20 (170539)

It has been discussed many times on this board - I don't remember anyone getting lasting relief from it.

Re: Accupuncture

elvis on 3/05/05 at 18:36 (170541)

I've tried it and it gave some temporary relief. If ound it to be like some chiropractors.....they wnat you to keep coming back at $65 a visit. I tried it for twice a week for a coupel of weeks and then once a week for probably a month. The pain subsided for a day ot 2 and then was back and got worse. I felt it was definitley worth a try and am glad I tried it.

Re: Accupuncture

B.Bellingham on 3/16/05 at 21:12 (171364)

After my second treatment I can feel the difference. I am taking time off from running so this combination should heal my PF. On my second visit, he increased the intensity and it did make a difference.